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League of Gourmet Critics



Guruma Hyouron ka no Riigu


Alex Schadenfreude


Blur Valley


To taste and review every ingredient know to man

The League of Gourmet Critics are a league of highly trained Bishokuya, Chefs, Saiseiya and other food lovers who taste ingredients for a living and review them for the public. They sometimes work alongside the Gourmet Seven to review and study new ingredients. 


The League of Gourmet Critics is an organization dedicated to eating and reviewing ingredients. They'll review any food given to them, whether in the wild or at any restaurant. The critics of the league have a pickier taste in food than most other people living in the Gourmet Age. Each member uses unique descriptions to specifically why each ingredient is good or bad. Everyone considers them a smaller version of the Gourmet Seven especially since they work along side them to relay information between them to the public. 

History  Edit


Discovered Ingredients Edit

  • Rubegranate - First discovered and reviewed.
  • Sugar Cane Toad - Discovered in the Kaiju Nest, sugar reviewed.

Others Edit

  • Introduced Sugar Cane Toads outside of Kaiju Nest.

Building Edit

Members Edit

Name Profession Status
Alex Schadenfreude Bishokuya, Founder, 1st Leader Deceased
Minaru Montag Bishokuya, 2nd Leader Active
Jacob Schadenfreude Bishokuya Semi-Active
Oji Snails Saiseiya Semi-Active
Oji Itsy Saiseiya Semi-Active
Oji Marino Saiseiya Semi-Active

Trivia Edit

  • The idea of this organization came from the character Sterling Pister. The author thanks User:SuBash for the inspiration.

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