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Licorice Root

Licorice Root



Capture Level



Varies on Tree


Titan Forest



Licorice Root Is an ingredient that is located in the Titan Forest, said to be one of the sweetest ingredients around, and is known for changing flavor depending on the conditions of the trees from where they grow from, and the season. It is often shown to be sold as common candy.


It has been said that in Titan Forest, when the weather effects the Licorice Trees, their roots often show to change different colors depending on the nature of the tree. When pulled out, the roots are shown to be very thick and soft to the touch, often seen to be very stretchy as well when one tries to pull it out.

As FoodEdit

When the roots are changed depending on the different seasons for the Licorice Trees, the trees release a special form of photosynthesis that reaches down, changing the flavor of the roots to multiple ones, mainly that of cherry, strawberry, kiwi, and root beer with the 4 natural seasons. Any outside interference often changes the flavor to something else as well.

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