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Lion Sunflower



Shishi Himawari


Lion Sunflower


Demonic Sunflower (鬼ヒマワリ Oni Himawari)


Plant Beast

Capture Level



10m (ordinarily)
40m (extended)






Ursus Island

Lion Sunflower (獅子笑顔ひまわり Shishi Himawari) is a rare, beast-like plant beast species, only found on Ursus Island. It can be found in forests near the large hill fields.


Lion Sunflower is large, sunflower-like plant beast with black head growing long mane made out of shiny, very strong gold-like hair, that are highly priced and in hands of master can be made into wonderful clothing.
The stem of Lion Sunflower bears angular thorns, its leaves consist of numerous, dark green spikes. It has very deep roots, far longer than the plant above the ground.
Its strangest feature is its large mouth full of sharp teeth, that is constatly grinning.


Lion Sunflower is aggressive species, that will tear apart and eat every animal in its proximity. Because of its grin, brutal way of hunt and extremely malicious laugh it produces, it indeed appears to be evil.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lion Sunflower is a very dangerous species, dubbed "Demonic Sunflower" and is one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous plant in Human World.
It can attack at high speeds and with tremendous strength, tearing its victim apart with its razor-sharp teeth, melting it with its powerful acids and absorbing all its nutrients in short time.
The stem of this beast is extremely tough and its thorns secrety immensely powerful neurotoxin, which quickly spreads in the body, causing excruciating pain and then attacking pain center in one's brain, possibly causing death because of the pain. There is no known antidote to the poison.
Because of its powerful roots, it is extremely hard to tear Lion Sunflower out of the ground, combined with its poisonous thorns, it is impossible. It is also capable of extending its stem in order to catch a prey, up to four times its original length.
The plant can also harden spikes on its leaves, forming an effective shield.

As FoodEdit

Lion Sunflower is inedible, partly because of its toxin, partly because of its acidic juices.