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Long hair werewolf
Long-Haired Werewolf

ロネーレッド ウェアウオルフ


Roneereddo Weauorufu


Long-Haired Werewolf


Mammal Beast

Capture Level



2.5 m




Crystal Root Forest



Long-Haired Werewolves (ロネーレッド ウェアウオルフ Roneereddo Weauorufu) are vicious beasts that live in Gourmet World. As the name suggests, they are bipedal wolves with long hair. They are different from most canines in that they actually have sweat glands to cool them down.


Long-Haired Werewolves are tall, skinny bipedal wolves that have hair that grows continuously for their entire lives, but once their hair reaches the floor, they will break, making their hair length only reach as tall as they are. Because of all their hair, they basically just look like a big, moving pile of brown hair. This is because their hair covers all other features on their bodies.


Long-Haired Werewolves are social creatures that live in large packs with the strongest male acting as the leader. Their social dynamic is very similar to regular wolves. They hunt in large teams to bring down bigger and stronger opponents. They are incredibly intelligent beasts that attack in a very coordinated fashion that can cause difficulties even for things that are much stronger than them. When they have hunted and killed humans, the alpha male would take whatever clothing he likes the best to wear, and the rest of the clothes get ripped to shreds.

As FoodEdit

For the longest time, it was believed that these wolves were inedible. This is due to a special amino acid that is found in their meat indigestible no matter how they are cooked. This belief has been upheld until recently, when a certain chef managed to hear the tiny voice of the ingredient, telling her how to prepare it.

Special Preparation IngredientEdit

While the long held belief that the meat is inedible has remained true, it has been discovered that there is in fact something that can be eaten on the Long-Haired Werewolves. That one and only part is the hair, but can't just be eaten as is. This is because it is a special preparation ingredient. In order to make this food edible, you need to cut it off, without hurting the wolf, after it has sweat a lot, lightly covering its hair. This is because its sweat has special properties that allow someone to eat the hair. This is extremely difficult to do because the best way to get them to sweat is by having a long, drawn out fight that can cause them to overheat, and Long-Haired Werewolves are never alone, so you need to deal with the entire pack. Once it has been prepared, it makes for a delicious salad, with the sweat acting as a perfect dressing, similar to a vinaigrette, that complements the flavour.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • It is based off of Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.

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