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Long-Necked Firebird





Long-Necked Firebird


Bird Beast

Capture Level



14 meters


5 tons




Ashen Blaze Island

Long-Necked Firebird (ナガクビ凰 Nagakubiō) is a rare, endemic bird species from Ashen Blaze Island.


Long-Necked Firebird is a large bird with red feathers and very long neck. Feathers on its tail have yellow ends.
The bird has very wide tail, spiky hair, yellow eyes with no pupils, large orange beak with black tip and two tongues.


Long-Necked Firebirds are territorial beast that lives in proximity to volcans. It creates dome-shaped nests, mostly from Turusa Tree twigs. Its diet consists mostly of thermophilic Volcano Slugs and other bird beasts. It will eat most beasts that pose threat to its eggs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While possessing great strength, incredible vision and ability to fly at 140 m/s, Long-Necked Firebird's most amazing ability is its unique oil secreted from his skin, that is perfectly fireproof and allows it to fly straight through the fire volcans of the Ashen Blaze Island without any sign of burning, even on its feathers. Just like most other species of the Ashen Blaze Island, Long-Necked Firebirds are immune to the effects of the island's volcanic ashes.

As FoodEdit

The meat of Long-Necked Firebird is delicious, but difficult to cook. It requires oil from Garlic Boar in order to be properly roasted, and even then its preparation takes many hours or repeated roasting and resting.
The eggs of Long-Necked Firebird contain red yolk and are highly nutritious and spicy.
Its unique oil is also highly priced and popular among bishokuya because of its fireproof abilities.

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