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Mares of Diomedes
Mares of Diomedes



Diomedesu no maresu


Mares of Diomedes


The Eighth Labor


Mammal Beast

Capture Level











Podargos: Yutou Island
Deinos: Wul Jungle
Lampon: Southern Wul Continent
Xanthos: Heavy Hole


Podargos: Incredible strength
Deinos: Breathed Fire
Lampon: Abnormal Speed
Xanthos: Fire manipulation

Mares of Diomedes(ディオメデスのマレス, Diomedesu no maresu) are one of the 12 Trials of Pilgrimage. The four horses tests skills in diferent tests like strength, speed, power and resistance. Every horse has a different ability and each is stronger than any other beast on their territory.


Podargos is the least known of the four horses as he has almost never been seen. With only a few brief images capturing its form. It seems Podargos has Golden skin and mane apparently also. His eyes seem to be bright and seem like small blue flames, he also seems to have a feral aura around him.

Deinos one of the most savage of the four, he has a mane and tail and hooves made of flames. He appears to be a horse with black skin. He is one of the most experienced of the four although few know of his ability to spit fire he seldom loses.

Lampon a white horse that has a big bright Golden mane, he is one of the most seen due to enjoy interacting with people his great speed often causes the confused with other species.

Xanthos is a golden horse with a big mane made of fire, he has a horn that could easily impale a normal people. The flames on his back can be controlled to protect themselves or to attack.


Podargos is the least known of the four little or almost nothing is known about his behavior that he hates having interaction with other animals and with humans. He only meets with other beasts when you go hunting. He was depicted as being quite irons like a wild horse and no one can soothe.

Deinos hates interact with humans always finding a turns out to attack and often ends up killing him. Deinos hunt all he appears to the aspects have a different significance and eat immediately. He never leaves a prison escape, it has been seen that when he made seven threatened just turns away and goes to sleep.

Lampon is the only one of the four horses who likes to interact with humans and other beasts he seems to have a pure heart as opposed to the other. When he hunts he uses his speed more than his strength, when in a fight he maintains his calm and tranquility.

Xanthos is pretty calm and not attack other animals or humans without reason. When he gets a big red aura appears around it and is much more fast and strong. When it is attacked by the human aura is made of flames such as from hell.

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