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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Japanese マリモ
Romanized Marimo
English Marimo
Aliases Green Monkey (ミドリザル Midorizaru)
Personal Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 20
Birthday 14 December (National Monkey Day)
Status Active
Height 5'8" (172.72 cm.)
Weight 125 lbs. (56.70 kg.)
Blood Type O
Abilities Enbu
Appetite Energy
Appetite Force
Professional Statistics
Affiliation IGO Icon Loosely IGO
Occupation Bishokuya
Partner(s) Kiria (Chef)
Parker (Animal)
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Debut Memoirs of a Bishokuya
Leitmotif Regret nothing ~Tighten Up~

— Marimo


Marimo (マリモ Marimo) is a Bishokuya and the main male protagonist of Memoirs of a Bishokuya. He is one of the few born in the Gourmet World, his parents having traveled there with a large group in the hopes of revitalizing the Civilization in Area 7. As such, he was born with Gourmet Cells, manifested in the scars on his cheeks. Ultimately, his parents' efforts would fail and through mysterious means their burgeoning new society was utterly destroyed, leaving an infant Marimo in the ruins. Found by one of the simian species making up the Monkey Restaurant, he was raised by and among them, eventually learning the fighting style known as Enbu.

He would later be found by a passing Bishokuya known as Orick, who took him in from his adopted family and assumed the position of father figure from then on out. Returning him to the Human World, the former IGO scientist would train Marimo in the way of humanity, even giving him his name during the time (as a reference to his vibrant green hair). Under his second 'father', Marimo's abilities increased to the point where he could utilize Enbu's Secret Techniques (奥義 Ougi), allowing him to perform attacks. Orick would eventually leave as well, though Marimo, having developed the desire to pursue the Meat Dish of Bishokukin Acacia's Full Course, became a Bishokuya in turn. Setting out across a world rejuvenated by Gourmet Spice, he would eventually meet and form a combo with the traveling chef, Kiria. The series revolves around their various journeys throughout the world, joined by such individuals as Aomeki the Saiseiya and his Animal Partner, Parker.

He is often referred to by distant individuals as the Green Monkey (ミドリザル Midorizaru), referencing both his oddly green-colored hair and his use of Enbu.



Full appearance.

Marimo is a skinny young man, who, despite his physique often giving others the impression that he is something of a weakling, is actually quite muscular, though the muscle is generally distributed very evenly around his body, making him slimmer than his strength would imply. He has light-colored Caucasian skin that occasionally seems to have a light tan to it, and has black-colored eyes. His most notable feature is his neon green hair, though it can appear much lighter or various other shades of green depending on the lighting around him at the time. Marimo also seems to have a strange quality of agelessness about his appearance, so much so that most people have a great deal of difficulty attempting to guess his age, with the closest guesses coming in with him being in his late teens or early twenties. These guesses are generally correct, as Marimo is in fact 20, though this can also surprise people who placed his age in the 20s or slightly lower. In addition, he can be considered slightly small for his height, standing at five feet and six inches, and thus he can occasionally appear to be much younger than he actually is, adding more confusion to what his age actually is. Marimo also seems to have a monkey-esque or wild aura around him, and generally appears very relaxed when not in combat, or when his guard is not up. Generally, he gives off a very relaxing and calm aura, as if he enjoys taking life easy.

Marimo's standard outfit when working as a Bishokuya is very simple, and some might even call it impractical (implying that Marimo probably chose the outfit because he found it cool, and had no real ulterior motive about its effectiveness in his line of work). It consists of a high-colored, sleeveless white shirt that covers almost all of his torso and even most of his wasit, reaching up around his neck, where the collar begins and stretches out to the beginnings and at times encompassing the ends of his ears. It is complemented by a rather large and rather ludicrously-made scarf of the same shade of green as his hair, acting more akin to a scarf as it falls down from his neck towards an area just above the start of his knees. It is an article of clothing that is unafraid to blow in the wind, and will often do so in extreme enviroments, acting effectively as a scarf in terms of appearance effect, albeit being unique in its own way. The rest of the uniform is slightly more normal in design, with rather baggy pants reaching down towards his ankles, the general expanse of which are covered in training bandages, apparently tanned with age. Simple black shoes, almost appearing of the dress variety, are placed around his feet, though they seem to have the bottom of sneakers or more efficient shoes. Another notable aspect of his appearance is the black, unconnected sleeves with slightly larger black wristbands placed on them, a golden trim surrounding them and adding definition. Marimo appears to have compiled this uniform out of a variety of clothes that he has encountered or heard of, and therefore put together, and while many point out how random it is and at times how much it clashes with itself, he insists on wearing it no matter the various and numerous reasons of taking it off or changing it that he is presented with.

When not acting as a Bishokuya, Marimo can don a number of other outfits. For more formal events, such as boarding the Gourmet Carriage or attending the serving of a particular ingredient(s), Marimo often dons a much more appropriate manner of dress. This appears to be something of a simple tuxedo outfit, though it is rather badly worn and is often in a mess, requiring others to put it right for him. In addition, Marimo generally adds a green bow tie to his ensemble rather than the standard red or blue, and will sometimes even keep his scarf on when using this form of dress, depending on if he has had to rush to put it on or not, or he simply felt like keeping the scarf on. For events like going to a beach or hunting for underwater ingredients, Marimo dons simple dark gray swimming trunks with light green and bluish-green flame designs on the ends of the legs, as well as occasionally wearing sandals when not on sand or in the water (or if a situation occurs in which he has no time to put them on/back on after swimming or playing on the beach, usually if he is attacked mid-frolicking). While he rarely wears winter clothing, Marimo will occasionally wear a long-sleeved winter jacket with sweatpants and boots (though like with the formal wear he will occasionally keep his vest as part of this ensemble, ESPECIALLY if he is in the middle of procuring an ingredient or fighting against someone in incredibly cold environments). If it gets to the point where even that outfit cannot withstand the cold, Marimo has been known to don a Rider Suit over his body to protect his body heat, though he almost always keeps his vest around his chest and his earings on his ear when wearing one of these (as he generally only wears this article of clothing while getting ingredients of some kind). Marimo also possesses a variety of other outfits for various reasons and adventures, ranging from more tropical wear like a Hawaiin flower printed shirt to a green kimono with blue and other shades of green-based flowers designs for going into hot springs or other such luxuries that are occasionally afforded to him.

While little is known of Marimo's appearance as a child, during his training with Orick he wore what looked like the upper half of a black jumpsuit, with a slightly high and spread out color, as well as a golden star symbol located in the middle of the chest piece area. Around his lower half he wore simple khaki/tan-colored martial arts-style pants with an also spread-eagled color/waist area, that seemed to bear some resemblences to cargo pants. Finally, for shoes Marimo had a simple pair of what appeared to be either sandals with a tan lower section and black bands, or simple black shoes of unknown design and make.


Like most people living in the Gourmet Age (or rather, Second Gourmet Age, due to reasons of Meteor Spice), Marimo is obsessed with food and is constantly seeking out new ingredients and tastes to expand his own palette. His greatest goal in life is to complete his own Full Course, and to do that he greatly desires to acquire the phantasmal dish NEWS, the Meat Dish of Acacia's Full Course and what Marimo believes to be the greatest kind of meat ever discovered by man (or Nitro as it where). Despite his unconditional love for all things related to his own full course, Marimo also seems to enjoy all kinds of food equally, and can be generally bribed to do almost anything if food is offered or is involved in some way. Marimo is also remarkably stingy with his own food and hordes it as much as possible, quickly becoming angry if anyone who isn't him or doesn't have his permission takes it or even touches it, though he can be quickly assuaged by a simple apology or having their reasons for doing so explained to him. When it comes to giving food away, though, Marimo can be excessively charitable when giving food to those he believes deserve it, and can be quite insistent that the recipient take the food that he's offering, even becoming annoyed or insulted when they refuse to take it or decline in any other way, though he recovers quickly from something like that. When in this frame of mind Marimo even seems to enjoying sharing his food with people, so long as it makes the people who are receiving it happy, and often becomes determined to help people who are starving or suffering from a lack of food in front of him, to the point that he'll go to any length in order to acquire food for those people. Due to being raised by and around animals and various other ingredients, Marimo treats such things with the utmost respect and even becomes incredibly angry when people injure creatures and ingredients without any regard for them, being obsessed with their own goals, and he can rapidly lose respect for people who engage in such behavior. Regardless, one of Marimo's greatest pleasures and eating and once he has decided that he wants to devour something he'll use all of his power and strength in order to make sure that he can indeed eat that thing (despite showing surprising patience if it takes time to eat something, should the desire be that intense that he would wait for even years in order to eat that ingredient, not counting finding other ingredients in the meantime, that is). 

Due to being raised by monkeys (not always the most socially adult of beings, at least when it comes to humans). and spending a great deal of his time in the Human World in the wild, Marimo has very little knowledge about social norms and how 'normal' people generally do things, and thus often comes across as having bad manners or being insensitive at times. However, his time with Orick HAS taught him some things, and he can generally avoid completely alienating someone due to his bluntness. Marimo seems to take things completely at face value and in general things like sarcasm and irony fly right over his head; at first glance he registers everything as it literally appears to be and it takes some explaining for him to understand any greater implications than initially appear. He also seems to be a big fan of doing things as they are done in nature, and often does not utilize such things as cars, planes, or even things like washing machines and ovens and the like, preferring to cook things over a fire, air-drying his clothing, and simply making his way on foot in various ways (from simply walking and running to exploring a city scape by leaping from building to building). Even his own home is somewhat naturally based and he generally fashions most of his utensils out of nature in some way. However, Marimo still shows interest in more modern inventions and is perfectly okay with utilizing more modern cooking and ingredient-based technology, though they are usually not the first things he thinks of and he'll occasionally attempt to do things 'his way', before being corrected by Kiria or anyone else he is currently travelling with. He also seems to have a tendency to fall asleep at seemingly random and has no real qualms with most potential sleeping places, and it is often said that he can probably sleep anywhere if he is tired enough (though this can often apply to many people, Marimo uses this ideal with gusto). This can sometimes be problematic, though generally Marimo is awake when it counts (some instances when he is simply too tired to stay awake not counting). Despite all this though, Marimo seems to rely mostly on his internal clock and generally keeps similar hours to the people around him or other people in general, though he can apparently stay awake for a long time without sleeping in exchange for sleeping for a very long time (though this cannot apply to food, as he views fasting as one of the greatest challenges known to man and is loathe to perform it unless it is absolutely necessary).

Marimo also seems to have something of a short fuse, easily becoming angered by a variety of things, though he can also calm down very quickly as well. Marimo has little patience for those who waste food without any good reason and for those who perform it on a regular basis he has no respect. He also generally dislikes or borderline hates the likes of the Bishokukai or others who attempt to steal food from others, or even kills beasts for no reason other than them being in the way, then not using them for food or harvesting them for various uses. This often leads to him to be at odds against the likes of big game hunters or even poachers in some instances (though he can generally forgive poaching at times if they have a reason for it and fully intend to eat the animal or sell it to people for them to eat). When it comes to fighting against these people Marimo doesn't hold back and is perfectly fine with going all out in order to defeat them. Usually during fighting Marimo seems to lose a large amount of his survival instinct, especially if he isn't holding back in the slightest (not counting reflex actions, such as recoiling from damage and the like), and if he is aiming to land a blow he'll generally attempt to plow through anything in order to deliver it, unless what he is attempting to plow through can actually damage his life. Marimo also seems to become angrier and angrier the more wounded he becomes, and his attacks generally become more and more wild and even desperate the more damage he receives. This has lead many who have seen Marimo fight to compare his fighting style to that of a wild animal, with him striking quickly and with great force, and in wild battles he is fiercely committed to defeating his opponent, no matter the cost to himself or his own ability to fight. As such, he is easily ruled by his emotions and subtly is something that he rarely engages in, unless a moment is especially somber, or he simply feels being quiet is for the best.

When things are calm, Marimo is calm as well and seems to be at his happiest and calmest when he's simply allowed to eat ingredients or various other activities that are available to him, from fishing to simply exploring new areas that he has not seen before (though he'll often hunt down or pick up convenient ingredients that are nearby him, allowing him to combine two pleasures into one for the maximum enjoyment and happiness value). Along with fishing, eating, and exploration, Marimo seems to enjoy simply relaxing in a peaceful area, and of course he highly enjoys sleeping as implied by his constant sleep above. He can also occasionally develop a somewhat snarky attitude at times and will occasionally release bits of blunt dialogue, cutting to the root of whatever he is talking about and laying things plain as they are. Sometimes he seems to even do this for his own amusement, as well as if he is becoming annoyed by the conversation, as in both cases he prefers to simply get to the point rather than dilly dally over smaller details and elaborations, at times simply entrusting them to his friends and comrades and trusting that they'll lead him down the right path. Marimo seems to be a highly trusting person in general, and those who have earned his trust are held by him in high regard, though if they betray him in some way he finds it nearly impossible to give them back they same trust they once held, even if they manage to make it up to him in some way or offer a specific explanation for why they did what they did. However, even if they will not regain the same amount of trust as before, Marimo still seems to not hesitate very often in at least affording them the proper amount of trust that he feels they deserve now, so long as they fulfill the conditions mentioned above (apologizing and/or providing a reason for what they did), so he can also be considered highly forgiving.

When it comes to his friends, fighting comrades, and even those whom he considers simply acquaintances, Marimo can be incredibly protective and doesn't hestiate to put his own life in danger in order to increase their own chances for survival. If they are hurt or damaged in some way by others and he isn't there to protect them in some manner, Marimo will go the very limit in order to help them and then acquire some form of retaliation if he feels that it is necessary. Marimo seems highly attached to his animal partner Parker, having known him since he was a child and regarding him as a close friend and companion. He also extends the same courtesy to his other companions, willing to go to any length to help them and he generally seems to be at one of his happiest points when he's simply hanging out with them or going on a variety of adventures with them, as well as fighting alongside them. He also seems to place their own personal safety on his own shoulders, save for when they themselves volunteer with battles, in which case he will simply wish them the best of luck and put all his trust in them winning or at the very worst surviving (though this can also anger him as well). All in all, Marimo is a highly social person, and while he enjoys being alone at times, when it comes to fighting opponents or hunting for ingredients, he can trust in none other than his closest friends and enjoys it the most when going on these escapades and eating delicious ingredients with his friends and 'family'.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert-

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Superhuman Strength and Durability-

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Enbu (猿武, Enbu), also referred to by the names of Monkey Martial Arts and as the Monkey Dance is a powerful form of martial arts that is used by most residents of Area 7, and also serves as a 'ranking system' of sorts for its residents. Originally conceived as a dance to be performed by the Monkey King and those who were on par with it, it has since evolved/devolved into a type of martial art that revolves around the user bringing all their cells together in order to achieve a common purpose. Using this of combat, users are capable of utilizing the 'flow' of battle or of live in general, allowing them to redirect and reduce damage from attacks launched at them, allowing them to endure long lasting battles with opponents stronger than them. Marimo was first taught the basics of this form of combat during his early days under the care of the monkey who took him in, learning the basic principles and becoming capable of redirecting the power from the attacks of others and managing to unite all the cells in his body under this regimen. During his training with Orick, Marimo continued to increase his knowledge of Enbu, and managed to unlock the door to utilizing Secret Techniques (奥義 Ougi), which allowed him to unite all his cells in order to attack and deal damage to the opponent, giving Marimo the ability to use this martial art in an offensive manner as well as defensively. He continued practicing and refining his use of Enbu when he began operating in the Human World, and had developed a large series of techniques to utilize. The power of his techniques are further enhanced by encorporating Appetite Energy constructs into his strikes, though these are generally subconscious creations by his Gourmet Cells themselves due to Marimo's appetite and desire to eat ingredients. By the time he was adopted by Orick, Marimo was classified as a Newcomer to Enbu, being capable of juggling 3 BB Pill Bugs at once without any difficulty. During his training with Orick, Marimo advanced to the level of Rank 9, becoming able to juggle up to 9 of the bugs at once using all of his concentration, and by the time he had arrived in the Human World, he had acheived Rank 5, now being capable of juggling 27 in succession. By the time the series had begun, two years after entering the Human World, Marimo had reached the level of Fourth Dan, being able to to juggle 80 BB Pill Bugs, though with the lack of the creatures in the Human World his level cannot be accuratley measured at the present time.

  • Spit Punch (スピット・パンチュ, Supitto Panchu)- A powerful physical attack, this technique is the main form of offense that Marimo utilizes with his fist. It consists of Marimo applying the prinsciples of Enbu to his very own fist, with that purpose being to attack the opponent. With this done, Marimo simply punches at the opponent and all of his cells unite in the attack, releasing its power directly through the Bishokuya's fist and right into whomever/whatever he is striking with said punch. This is capable of causing a tremendous amount of damage to the opponent or beast that is being hunted, and due to all the damage being released in once concentrated area, for weaker opponents it is strong enough to break through armor or even explode right through them, heavily injuring the attacked. However, this focused nature of the technique is also something of a double-edged sword, as while it focuses entirely on precision, it ends up lacking in the ability to deal a great amount of damage in a large area of attack. It does make up for it though, in terms of focused power alone, as the attack is capable of breaking through armor, especially if there happens to be a weak point in some part of it, with the power of the attack capable of breaking through it and therefore dealing an incredible amount of damage to the armor as a whole. In addition, the focused nature allows the technique to deliver its damage deeper by having it permeate deeper into the target, dealing an overall greater amount of damage and causing more pain than an ordinary punch might. The technique is named after the spit, a vital part of rotisserie cooking, and is usually used to impale meat or other ingredients and hang them up in order to be turned around and roasted. Marimo seems to regard his technique in a similar way, as he focuses all his attack power in a single strike in order to deal a great amount of damage to the opponent in a single, incredibly devestating line (though the previously mentioned strengths and weaknesses apply when the technique lands, as one would expect). This attack is often considered Marimo's signature technique.
  • Spit Fire (スピット・ファイアー, Supitto Faiaa)- Spit Fire is Marimo's solution to one of the most fundamental flaws with his Spit Punch technique: the fact that it cannot do damage to a large area of the opponent at once (especially if the opponent is a large wild beast with a variety of armors and potential weak spots). The technique begins similarly to the first attack, with Marimo utilizing the principles of Enbu and uniting his cells into the effort of attack. Once more, when he actually does attack he focuses the damage through his arm into a line (much like how a spit impales through meat or other foodstuffs in order to hold them in place to be roasted; hence the name of the attack). However, this time, Marimo also focuses some of his cells towards 'speed'. When he does this, Marimo delivers multiple blows at once at an incredible speed, allowing him to do what appears to be delivering several blows at once (though in reality he is simply going at a decent enough speed for it to appear this way while he delivers multiple punches to the opponent). This technique greatly makes up for the issues with the original Spit Punch technique, as Marimo can now deliver a large amount of damage to a wide area, enabling him to deal more varied damage to whomever/whatever he is battling. There are downsides though, as due to needing to focus a bit more on speed (so that he can actually perform the technique and therefore deliver multiple blows at once), the overall power of the technique decreases somewhat, allowing it to be considered somewhat weaker version of the previous technique, though in the end it makes up for its potential deficiencies in attack strength by simply having a greater range than the single technique on its own. In addition, Marimo has developed a long distance version of the Spit Fire technique, in which he performs the same sort of strikes as when actually attacking the opponent, but rather does this without actually striking the opponent and causing the fists to create Appetite Energy from the punches that fly at the opponent for a certain distance before actually striking them (or simply dissipating, if the shockwaves cannot reach the opponent in time, therefore doing no damage). This variation gives the technique some range, and Marimo has further developed that sort of ability in order to create the Spit Gun technique, giving him the option of range attacks.
  • Spit Gun (スピット・ガン, Supitto Gan)- A powerful combination of the Spit Punch and the longer-ranged version of the Spit Fire technique, Spit Gun begins with Marimo once more applying the principles of Enbu to his fist. and proceeding to direct all of his cells into attacking the opponent, focusing the damage out of his fist into a straight line at the opponent. However, at this stage Marimo utilizes some of the ideas behind the ranged version of Spit Fire and proceeds to apply them, not actually striking the opponent but rather strikes the air, creating a powerful shockwave from the punch that flies at the opponent and proceeds to strike them with a force similar to if the punch actually landed head on. This attack gives Marimo a great variety of range and the ability to attack opponents who are farther away from him and cannot be necessarily attacked immediatley with the closer-ranged techniques that the Bishokuya has in his arsenal. There are several weaknesses to this technique (and most likely with the ranged version of Spit Fire as well), as the punch's force has to travel through the air, as well as take some time in order to deliver a good deal of damage due to it having to fly at the opponent in the form of the shockwave. Due to this, the damage is somewhat reduced by the time it actually strikes the opponent, meaning that it will not deal as much damage as if Marimo manages to deliver the blow up close, and in general the closer Marimo is to his opponent the greater damage the shockwave will deal when it actually lands on the opponent (as well as striking the opponent much quicker for obvious reasons). Marimo has also developed something of a contrasting 'up close' variant for this attack, occuring when the blow that is supposed to create the shockwave actually lands on the opponent. When the blow actually lands, the shockwave explodes through the opponent and at times emerges on the other side and causing a small crater to form. The variation only works, however, if the punch lands while in the middle of creating the shockwave, and because of this the damage is occasionally doubled do to both the shockwave and the regular hit landing at the very same time, making it a powerful technique in its own right.
  • Finger Spit (フィンガー・スピット, Fingaa Supitto)- A technique that sports much more finesse than many of Marimo's other attacks, though this mostly seems to come from the fact that Finger Spit is not necessarily a technique based around combat or doing damage to an enemy. Rather, the attack is focused more around impaling and stabbing smaller ingredients or things that can't necessarily be grasped with a normal fist. There is some small offensive advantages, however, as the technique is quite adept at taking out opponents that range from incredibly small to even the microscopic level, and is even capable of striking at weak points on the opponent that are small enough to not even be reached by any of Marimo's other techniques. The attack works by Marimo applying the principles of Enbu once again, uniting all his cells into the effort of dealing an incredible amount of damage to the target. Unlike other Spit techniques, however, rather than channeling all the damage through one arm in order to deliver it in a powerful line of damage, Marimo focuses the damage through his finger, channeling the power of all of his cells through that single digit and giving it an incredible amount of power. As mentioned above, Finger Spit is a technique that is genuinely reserved for the likes of impaling smaller or more delicate ingredients or attacking microscopic enemies, and do to this Marimo generally channels somewhat less power into this technique than several of his other attacks (though when it comes to attacking incredibly strong, yet incredibly small enemies Marimo can make something of an exception). However, do to him generally using less power for this technique than for others, when he actually puts a great deal of strength behind this strike (usually when facing opponents with specific weak spots that only a techniqiue like this could reach), it usually places a great deal of strain upon his finger itself, and when he maxes out the amount of damage he can channel through his finger it generally ends up being unusable for a good while afterwards (potentially weakening his other techniques), and in the worst possible situation it can even break his finger due to the pure stress being placed on it for the technique to function. Because of this, it is somewhat rare that Marimo will max out Finger Spit's full offensive potential, preferring to use it for more mundane purposes, though when in the middle of a battle and if there is no other option he will find himself using it, despite the potential side effects of the technique's full power.
  • Spit Shield (スピット ・シールド, Supitto Shiirudo)- Marimo's first and mainstream defensive techniques, Spit Shield is a departure from the usual application of his standard Spit techniques, in that it is used to block and deflect attacks back at the enemy (though this is something of a rare occurance. The technique consists of Marimo preparing two of his usual Spit techniques, and then moving their positions to in front of him, generally forming the shape of the letter/symbol referred to as X, doing so by subconsciously releasing Appetite Energy, much like his other Spit techniques, allowing the Spits to actually appear there and therefore can receive the actual attacks themselves. The shield that this attack (though defense is a much more proper word than 'attack') creates is actually quite durable, and is capable of taking a massive amount of damage before cracking and eventually shattering, thus allowing the defending attack to continue onward and eventually strike Marimo himself, though the Bishokuya can utilize the same technique a second time to 'boost' the power of the first, as well as simply pouring more power and Appetite Energy into the initial one in order to strengthen it even further when he actually uses the attack (though this can apply to the 'boost'ing one as well). At times, especially against noteworthily powerful attacks delivered by his opponens, Marimo will use more than just two Spits in order to form the Spit Shield, and at times for close-quarters combat he will simply use one of the Spits, though this is more inclined towards parrying the opponent's attacks than actually blocking or deflecting them. In terms of deflecting, Spit Shield is somewhat lacking in that area, though it can be made up for with Marimo simply angling the individual Spits in a certain way, with them often acting as a sort of ramp and the attack running along them, eventually going all the way around and flying towards the opponent instead. All in all, Spit Shield can be considered one of Marimo's most standby techniques and his main form of defense when it comes to one-on-one combat or battling with various beasts and other such creatures that he often finds himself battling and facing off/fighting against at various different times.
  • Spit Cleaver (スピット・クリーヴァー, Supitto Kuriivaa)- Marimo's unique cutting technique, it consists of a method similar to that of his other Spit-based techniques, in that he channels the amount of damage in a blow throughout only his arm, unleashing it in a single line of power that hurts the opponent heavily and can defeat stronger opponents. The difference for this technique, however, is the way Marimo channels the damage itself. Rather than attacking via a punch or similar physical technique, Marimo 'turns' the damage release so that it will be launched out in a straight line from the edge of his hand (symbolized with the usual Spit image when he attacks slowly turning around to point downwards, rather than the direction of the Bishokuya's actual fist). When this is done, Marimo gains the ability to launch this damage in a form of cutting attack, and this is not a cutting attack to make light of, as it possesses an incredible amount of power, due to it consisting of the usual force that Marimo places into the likes of his Spit Punch into a single cutting or slash attack. Because of this, with Spit Cleaver Marimo can cut through a variety of objects, though there does appear to be a limit to what he can slice through, with incredibly hard objects (such as the Don Acorn, initially), though he can still cut through a variety of rather incredibly hard objects when he first adopts this technique. The main weakness of this attack, though, is that Marimo's hand being damaged when he actually strikes and attempts to slice through something, and this can often be used to at times stop the technique entirely (though if one stops the attack the damage will at times still be released through it and can damage the opponent that way, rather than the technique being stopped fully by such a block or deflect). This is a technique that is especially useful for cutting through the likes of ingredients and Marimo actually uses it less on beasts, unless he is certain that the attack can cut through the beast and kill them without too much damage or pain in general, though he seems to have no qualms with using it to cut through inanimate ingredients and similar existences.
  • Spit Cannon (スピット・カナン, Supitto Kanan)- An incredibly powerful technique in terms of both overall offensive as well as pushing power, Spit Cannon is a technique that Marimo initially finds himself barely using at the beginning of the series, due to the immense amount of power, accompanying calories, or even the strain that it delivers to his cells themselves (thanks to them being heavily involved in the use of this technique's creation in the first place). Spit Cannon begins with Marimo generating a single Spit technique from his cells by subconsciously using Appetite Energy. He then creates another, and then another, and on and on until he has whatever certain amount of Spits that he wants to use in the attack. This done, Marimo combines all of these various Spits into one giant Spit, that he focuses into the area directly around his own arm. All he needs to do at this point is to make a punching motion with that arm, as the attack combines the power of the standard Spit Punch attack (to an extent), and some of the range of the Spit Gun technique. However, the damage of the attack is generated based on the amount of Spits that were combined in order to create the original construct in the first place, and when struck by it all of that damage is delivered in a straight line, all the way through the targeted opponent, beast, or in rare cases, the ingredient that is being struck. Due to this, Spit Cannon encorporates the various powers of some of Marimo's other techniques, but enhances them by a great amount. It is not without weaknesses, however, as the attack can only shoot forward for a certain distance, and anything more than that and the Cannon begins to degrade in potentcy and power, and will eventually dissolve entirely if it is sent a far enough distance. The technique also demands a greater amount of work from Marimo's cells,a s well as draining more of his stamina and the calories that are stored in his body. Thus, Marimo initially reserves this technique only for desperate battles and strong opponents, though as he increases his stamina he becomes able to use this techinque more often.
  • Spit Kick (スピット・キック, Supitto Kikku)- A variant of Marimo's standard Spit Punch attack (one of the first that he reveals throughout the series), Spit Kick also functions in a very similar way. Marimo prepares his leg for a kick, and utilizes the principles of Enbu, uniting all of his cells in the action of attacking, causing all of the damage to be channeled through his leg when he actually delivers a kick to the opponent. Due to legs having a greater amount of power than the hands and therefore fists, Spit Kick does a great deal more damage than Spit Punch, and is capable of even piercing through medium or weaker opponents when the attack actually lands, usually leaving a large hole through the opponent when the kick strikes them. For those who are capable of resisting the attack, have an immense amount of defensive power, or feature an incredible defense for them to utilize, the attack can strike at the opponent and still deliver the same amount of impressive force, and while it cannot pierce through them, it can deliver an incredible amount of shock, enough to push them back with a shockwave, knocking them at the most through an entire area (and hopefully through a smaller amount of other walls that can deal a decent amount of damage to them as well), or knock them back a short bit, allowing Marimo to deliver another attack, or at the very least, prepare things for a new attack in order to strike the opponent before or right as they recover, occasionally allowing him to gain the upper hand. The techniques take much more time than Spit Punch to prepare, and do to the increased power leads to a much greater amount of energy consumption, but Marimo will still utiilize the technique if he desires to defeat an opponent, or if they are simply strong enough to warrant its use.
  • Spit Nunchaku (スピット・ヌンチャク, Supitto Nunchaku)- A technique that Marimo developed after finally becoming aware of his subconscious use of Appetite Energy (thanks to Garnett on the Gourmet Archipelago). While not able to totally control it and still relying on instincts to release it with his attacks, Marimo managed to seize some control of it after the attack has been created... but before he actually launches it. Using this principle, when Marimo generates the two spits necessary in order to perform the Spit Shield technique or another similar attack, rather than immediatley launching into the movement, he halts it, causing the spits to stall. With this done, Marimo can then disengage his hands from them and proceed to grip them around the center of each one, wielding them in a manner similar to the various uses of real-life nunchaku (thus the name, though Marimo's method of using them differs at times greatly from the original use of the weapon). From this position, Marimo can utilize the two spits in varying ways; the first is primarily as melee weapons, allowing the Bishokuya to match and counter other users of melee weapons such as spears, daggers, swords, or even other nunchaku. While this doesn't give him the greatest edge, it gives him a bit more variety in his fighting than he had before developing this technique. The second is to throw the actual nunchaku, allowing them to function as normal techinques. This is generally the least desirable of the two options, as it removes the need to generate the two spits in the first place. Because of this, Marimo often only utilizes this to take the enemy by surprise or if he has no need of the spits any longer, in which case he can launch one last attack with them, and while the chances of it doing damage are rare, it's always worth a try, at least in his opinion.



Marimo's Intimidation

(威嚇, Ikaku) is a special ability that can be utilized to terrify opponents and even forcing them to retreat, as well as a way to show off one's power to a potential adversary. Against weaker opponents, this can be enough to cause them to flee or even faint, should the intimidation be effective enough. For those who possess Gourmet Cells, one can utilize their Appetite Devil in their Intimidation, leading to a giant manifestation of said Appetite Devil appearing above or around them when they utilize this technique, causing greater effects than before and often causing opponents not as strong as the user to flee immediatley at it's prescence, and show off the user's power more accuratley than ever before (though it can also be used to attract the attention of someone much stronger than them, acting as a form of distraction). Experienced users have even shown the ability to project their Intimidation through a weapon or tool that they are carrying with them, depending on what it is made from and its relation to the user. Marimo's Appetite Devil takes the form of a massive golden dragon in a very Asian style, with no truly visible wings and being very long, much more similar to a snake than a Western-style dragon. The beast generally features glowing red eyes and is usually truly massive, as well as its entire body being covered with and emitting powerful lightning. When used as part of his Intimidation, the Appetite Devil generally has its mouth open, revealing a set of incredibly sharp teeth, and it is usually letting out a powerful roar, with lightning occasionally arcing from it's maw as well. Interestingly, due to Marimo's use of Enbu and its rather strained relationship with an Appetite Devil, when Marimo combines it with his Intimidation he cannot utilize Enbu while having said Intimidation active. Due to this, Marimo often dispells his Intimidation as soon as he is ready to actually attack, though he can occasionally use some of the offensive principles that he uses in Appetite Force in order to still do damage with his Intimidation present. 

Appetite ForceEdit

Appetite Force (食欲フォース,Shokuyoku Fōsu) is a powerful technique available to those who have successfully mastered control over their Appetite Energy, giving the user an incredible boost in strength and overall power. The technique consists of the user first releasing a massive amount of Appetite Energy from their body. However, rather than shape it or simply launch it as a form of attack, they draw it back in and cause it to saturate their entire body, with specific emphasis on their limbs, brains, and even individual cells if the user is skilled enough. Unlike Food Immersion, in which the user stores a massive amount of energy and can then utilize it in battle, Appetite Force involves the user releasing and maximizing all of their energy at once, allowing them to access all of their usual techniques with the most efficiency possible, as well as increasing, doubling, or even tripling their power depending how much Appetite Energy is released and used in this technique. However, due to the massive amount of Appetite Energy released, to use this form requires a truly mammoth amount of energy and therefore it should only be used for emergency situations or desperate battles. Like most who use this technique, when Marimo utilizes Appetite Force, he takes on some of the physical aspects of his Appetite Devil. In his case, Marimo gains a large series of golden scales over his body, and his canine teeth become sharper and much more defined than in his normal appearance. In addition, random sparks and flashes of lightning often seem to appear around his person, and at times his eyes appear to gain a red tint. Due to Appetite Force's ties with his Appetite Devil, Marimo cannot utilize Enbu while in this state, but he has developed something of a countermeasure. By releasing an equal amount of Appetite Energy from groups of cells before attacking and when utilizing it, Marimo can somewhat mimic the effects of Enbu, at least in the damage delivered, while also relying on the other boosts provided by the form to add extra strength to his attacks whle in this state.



The Green-Hooped Rod

Green-Hooped Rod (緑のフープロッド, Midori no Fūpuroddo)-

Full Course MenuEdit

Marimo's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Gilded Garlic Bread Unknown Decided
Soup Soup
Fish Dish Fish Dish
Meat Dish MeatDish NEWS (Yet to acquire) 6900 Decided
Main Course MainDish Carat Spaghetti 91 Decided
Salad Salad
Dessert Dessert
Drink Drink Cerulean Berry Juice 87 Decided