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I was taught to always respect food and people. If I see you doing any disrespect to either of them, then expect no mercy from me.
— Midori expressing his beliefs.

Gurume2 Shokurin icon
Romanized Midori
English Midori
Epithet(s) "Spirit of the Wind"
Personal Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 21
Birthday December 25th
Status Alive
Height 5'11
Weight 155 Ibs.
Blood Type O+
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Gurume
Shokurin Temple
Occupation Chef

Midori (緑) is a Chef that previously trained in Shokurin Temple since birth. He is a major Protagonist in Food Heaven, but due to him not being one of the "Main" members of Gurume, he is not a Main Protagonist. A kind, yet blunt, soul, he doesn't battle or harm anyone or anything unless he's found a good enough reason to do so. As a member of Gurume, he boasts a significant amount of power, as their previous escapades have involved battling with creatures that an average Bishokuya would be unable to injure even if they were to train relentless for a hundred years. Despite being apart of Gurume, he is very distant from the group, usually out doing something, or a task that was requested of Gurume. He cares very little about "earthly possessions", and only carries what he considers necessities with him at all times, such as his knives. Aside from rarely being around, there are times when Midori would join the group out on a mission, helping out Yuki with the cooking and Hikari and Aitemu with food-gathering. Much like Hikari, he is very kind to children, often offering food to them. Much like several Gourmet Cell users, Midori is able to consume large amounts of food in one sitting, being capable of eating 400 servings without hassle. After the Timeskip, however, his appetite grows even further, being capable of eating 765 servings.

Being a member of Gurume, the group holds a large influence within the Gourmet Age, and as such, despite not being one of the main members, Midori has a large amount of talents, making him a worthwhile asset to Gurume.



Full appearance of Midori

Full Course MenuEdit

Midori (Gurume)'s Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Undecided
Soup Soup Undecided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Undecided
Meat Dish MeatDish Undecided
Main Course MainDish Undecided
Salad Salad Undecided
Dessert Dessert Undecided
Drink Drink Undecided


  • Midori in English means "Green", which, unlike the majority of characters within Food Heaven, has no relation to him whatsoever. However, Yumoz has stated that he had a reason in naming Midori the way he's named.
    • Originally, Midori was not going to be named Midori, but Tanabota. However, this idea was changed.
    • Ironically, however, before Yumoz decided on Wind Manipulation for Midori, his name was already decided. Wind is usually affiliated with the color green, and as such, coincidentally, it's the fake unplanned meaning behind Midori's name.
  • Midori's Gourmet Cells and Food Honor were approved by Phantom.

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