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Mint Spear
Mint Spear



Minto Yari


Mint Spear



Capture Level



2-3 m


Bewitching Food World


Sturdy, Flexible Stem
Steel-like Leaf



Mint Spear (ミント槍, Minto Yari), Mentha hasta, is a species of mint that has been cultivated by the residents of the Bewitching Food World in the Gourmet World.


Mint Spears are a domesticated plant in the Bewitching Food World that is used both as an ingredient and as a weapon. The plants typically grow to be somewhere between two and three meters in length. It has a somewhat square stem that is as strong as hickory wood but as flexible as a reed. The plants also only grow a single leaf, which grows parallel to the stem at the tip of the plant, giving it the spear shape it's named for. The leaf is serrated on both sides with a soft and fleshy feel to it. However, the leaf can pierce like sharpened steel which, combined with the flexible durability of the stem, has led to the wide use of Mint Spears as weapons in the Bewitching Food World.

Those that have been cut by a Mint Spear leaf have reported a tingling, "minty" feel to the wound.

As FoodEdit

For the most part, Mint Spear can be treated like normal mint. The leaf can be used to brew tea, or simply chewed, to cure stomach aches, clear sinuses and cure bad breath. Beasts that have been hunted and slain with Mint Spears have been reported as wonderfully seasoned and that, no matter how much of the Beast you eat, you will never get a stomach ache.

All that needs to be done to prepare the Mint Spear leaf for use in cooking is to simply remove the leaf from the stem. Doing so removes the rigidity that makes the leaf useful as a weapon and makes the leaf safe for handling.


  • Mint Spear was, rather obviously, inspired by Spearmint

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