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MontevidéuMontevidéu's Pauper District
Japanese Name モンテビデオ
Romanized Name Montebideo
English Name Montevideo
Location Human World
Jidar Kingdom
Affiliations Gourmet Yakuza
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Montevidéu (モンテビデオ Montebideo) is a small town located nearly in the province of the Jidar Kingdom, it is notable for having a spain & italy design esque, many romantic water ways through it as well as many rusty-like buildings and cathedrals, it is the home of the Ex-Noble Ricardo E. Castle and his family made of one spouse, and two sons. The place is noted to be the battle-site of many wars with other provinces which could be seen as many attempts of taking down the town and making it their territory, those attempts proved unsuccessful and the Castle Family became the place's ruler and bureaucrats as they helped on the reconstruction of the city and helped evolving it. The place is divided in Three Main Districts, the Pauper District located at North being the third biggest, the Ratio District composed of East, West & South being the most biggest and the Uber District located at the center while being the second biggest.


Pauper DistrictEdit

Ratio DistrictEdit

Uber DistrictEdit






  • The place itself is based off of Monteriggioni, Florence & Venice from the Assassin's Creed Franchise.
  • Pauper is latin for Poor, Ratio is latin for Average and Uber is latin for Rich.

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