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Mors Catamount



Morusu no Kyatamaunto


Mors Catamount


The First Labor



Capture Level



60 ft


30 ft


15 tons




In & Around the Mors Mountain Range


Impenetrable Fur
Immense Strength
Razor-sharp Claws & Fangs



Mors Catamount (モルスのキャタマウント, Morusu no Kyatamaunto) is a Mammal Beast that lives in and around the Mors Mountain Range and is the first challenge of the Trial of Pilgrimage set up by the IGO.


The first thing most notice about the Mors Catamounts is that they have bright yellow fur with red stripes and piercing blue eyes. Next would be the massive, overdeveloped upper-canines and the massive clawed paws. While it would appear impossible for a Mors Catamount to be able to blend into its surroundings and be able to sneak up on prey, somehow these Beasts manage it.


Mors Catamounts are highly aggressive and vicious predators that live solitary lives due to their aggression. They are also highly territorial, so anything that enters their territory of 1000 acres is quickly hunted down, killed and eaten.

Mors Catamounts have enough strength to all but deforest an area of 100 acres or place deep gouges in mountainsides with a single swipe of their claws. Their claws and fangs are so strong and sharp, they can easily break any but the best blades.

The aggression of these Beasts seems to stem from their confidence in their fur as there is no weapon made by Man or Beast that can penetrate their fur. Because of this, they feel no fear and will take on just about any creature they come across. At the same time, Mors Catamounts also appear to be highly prideful and won't attack anything that they feel isn't worth their effort, the only exception being when it is time to eat.

As FoodEdit

The meat of Mors Catamounts is extremely dense and tough. This means that the meat needs to be tenderized multiple times in the cooking process in order to be even slightly tender enough to be eaten.

The Mors Catamount must be thoroughly tenderized, while it is still living, to soften the meat. Then after killing the Mors Catamount and butchering it, the meat must be further tenderized and then cook the meat in a manner that will further tenderize the meat. The cooking method is up to the individual chef.

If the meat has been properly tenderized, then the meat will be deliciously juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender. The flavor is the deep, rich umami taste that the best meats are famed for having.

If the meat has not been properly tenderized, then it will be tough, dry and highly taxing on the jaw and digestive system to consume. The flavor will be weak and all but nonexistent, tasting overcooked no matter how long it had been cooked and will hit the gut like a rock and leave the consumer feeling uncomfortably full and bloated.


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