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Badger (Race)








Area 8 (Bewitching Food World)
Known to travel to other Areas


Natural Shapeshifting



Mujina are a race of humanoid hybrid that is a cross between a human and a Japanese badger. This race was the result of an experiment by the Gourmet Nobles of the Gourmet World. They have since created an alliance with former fellow slaves who were also experimented on (although with different creatures), and created a culture all their own. They mainly reside in the Gourmet World in the Bewitching Food World, but they have been known to travel to other Areas.

Appearance Edit


A natural looking male Mujina wearing traditional clothing

Normally, Mujina appear like anthropomorphic badgers, however, when shape-shifted, their heads appear like a humans. When shape-shifted into a human, their skin is the same texture as a humans, however, they will sometimes have small thin patches of hair where their facial features should be. The ears that appear on the sides of their head are just for show. Some Mujina can actually present more facial features than others. Some can show mouths, others can show their eyes; some can even shape a nose, and others can present a combination of two or all three of these features, making them look as human as possible. They cannot, however, shape-shift their bodies. Their bodies remain furry unless they constantly shave them. Hence, most Mujina tend to keep the other parts of their bodies hidden from human eyes. They do have more human-like hand, and they also have a secondary eye lens, similar to reptilians. These act as a natural contact lens in case they can shape-shift their whole face.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

As previously mentioned, Mujina have the ability to shape-shift their faces. They do this by using their neck and facial muscles to force their neck fat together, revealing the flesh underneath. They tightly compact the fat into their face area, sealing away as much fur as they possibly can. More skilled Mujina can use their muscles to sculpt a nose, reveal their mouths so they appear to have human lips, and bring their eyes forward enough for vision. This is possible because they allow the Gourmet Cells inside their fat to make it easier for the placement and distribution of their fat, as well as make it more durable and allow for more fluid motion. The Gourmet Cells in their muscles provide for easier management of muscle placement as the fat rolls up the neck and into the designated location: the face. The Cells in the skin allow for the increase in elasticity to allow the fat to travel more easily, but just tough enough that it can also me molded.

Known Mujina Edit

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