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Ophiante Salad





Ophiante Salad

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Ophiante Salad (オフィアンテサラダ, Ofiantesarada) is a Salad Dish worthy of a Main Course.


Lightly cooked Ophiante Serpent arm meat rests on a bed of Ridge Goat and Hydra Blossom leaves. Adorning this are slices of Banana Cucumber, wedges of Neotomato and shredded Leek Cheese. The dish is dressed in an Aqua Berry Vinaigrette.


Ophiante Salad is made with:

The main Ingredient of the dish is the thinly sliced arm meat of the Ophiante Serpent, left raw. It is served on a bed of mixed greens from the Ridge Goat, adding extra umami flavor, and Hydra Blossom, picked at several different stages to give a true mixed greens taste.

In the salad are also slices of Banana Cucumber, to provide crunch, and wedges of Neotomato. Over this is spread shredded Leek Cheese for a rich cheese flavor.

The salad is then dressed in a vinaigrette made from Aqua Berries, Mors Oil, shallots from Vegetable Sky, some high grade Dijon Mustard, King Vinegar. The vinaigrette is made by first dicing the shallots and adding them to Dijon Mustard. Then add in the King Vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and the juice of Aqua Berries and whisk to combine. Finally, slowly whisk in Mors Oil to a creamy, emulsified finish.

When the Aqua Berry Vinaigrette is drizzled over the salad, it lightly cooks the Ophiante Serpent meat, in a similar fashion to a ceviche, and finishes the dish.


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