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Oro Sunshine



Oro Sanshain


Oro Sunshine


The Dessert of Sunlight


Dessert Dish

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Oro Sunshine is sweet delicacy, a cream dish of great taste made with rare ingredients. Cooking method is not as complicated as acquiring the ingredients, which are very rare and require very long time to ripen.


Oro Sunshine is a sweet cream of a rather low viscosity. It has incredibly pleasant aroma of soft vanilla. Sight of its cream consistency is feeling described as "being fondled by the softest velvet and jumping into creamy clouds". The color of the cream is partly banana cream, partly shiny golden. Despite the mixing, there are visible seperated stripes of the liquid sunlight and the cream produces warmth and light.

The taste is said to bring peace and serenity to one's mind. Those who eat it lose all of their stress, hatred, problems, sadness and anger. Some describe it as a "feeling of lying on a heavenly sunny beach" or "feeling of summer warm on their face and their heart".

The dish is also extremely nutritious and gives power to all cells in one's body, boosting their healing power for a short time and making them younger. One cup of Oro Sunshine is capable of healing injuries as great as destruction of numerous organs and bones and making someone appear 15 years younger.

It also interacts with Gourmet Cells, appearently in beneficial way. Should the eater possess Gourmet Cells, Appetite Energy will start to leak from their body, forming a rather small aura, that will last for at least half a hour. 



Cooking MethodEdit

The preparation requires large magnifying glass to heat the mixture (which is why it should be cooked on clear summer day), a lot of ice to cool it down and some knowledge of Food Honor, as even the smallest mistake can burn the dish. During the process of heating, it needs to be stirred very quickly. The dish is heated to reach exactly 121.2 °C, then cooled to reach exactly -32.1 °C. This process is repeated 45 times and the cooling and heating processes are required to be done with as little pause between them as possible, and also very sensitively, as doing each one too fast could ruin the dish.