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Poutine Swamp
Japanese Name プーティン 沼
Romanized Name Puutin Numa
English Name Poutine Swamp
Aliases Poutine Bog
Poutine Lagoon
Location Human World
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 Poutine Swamp is a location in the Human World where a large lake flows of suculant thick brown gravy, and the french fry cattails grow for years on end. It is a popular location to spot and hunt Foiegrastamus.


Poutine Swamp is located in the eastern part of Takeout Jungle near the town of Blur. The water running in the bog is a thick brown gravy as hot as a bath. In the gravy grows a certain type of edible algae; it is made out of cheese curds. On the banks, you can see large French Fry Cattails soaking up the gravy and crisping naturally in the sunlight. Every year in the summertime, Foiegrastamus migrate their for mating season, making this spot a perfect hunting ground.

Ingredients FoundEdit


  • Foiegrastamus (Capture Level: 35)

Other IngredientsEdit

  • Poutine Swamp Gravy (Capture Level: 15)
  • Cheese Curd Algae (Capture Level: 13)
  • French Fry Cattail (Capture Level: 11)


  • This is the author's first location.
  • Poutine is a popular Canadian dish comprised of french fries, gravy or a special poutine sauce, and cheese curds. It was first made in the province of Quebec, but spread to the rest of Canada, becoming a national dish.

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