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Corporate logo.

R&R Shipping

ル シプピング


R&R Unsō


Reggie Rivers


Rivers Tower


Global freight shipping, food transport and preservation.

R&R Shipping (ル シプピング, R&R Unsō), originally known as Rivers Shipping Company (リバース シプピング コムパニー, Rivers Unsōgaisha), is a global shipping corporation founded and owned by the wealthy and powerful Reggie Rivers. It is one of the highest earning companies in the shipping industry, earning an annual income in excess of 20 trillion yen, and is rivaled only by Company Gourdarake in terms of sheer industry might. R&R Shipping is also at the forefront of research in the areas of food preservation technology.

Following the Meteor Spice tragedy, the company's operations have been fractured across the globe. Though, recovery efforts are proving successful, R&R Shipping has currently closed its' services to facilitate the fast recovery of its' resources. Many of the company's branches across the world were left completely devastated though Rivers Tower, the corporate headquarters, and the metropolis that surrounds it were left largely unaffected by the attack in comparison to areas such as Gourmet Town.


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