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Rainbow Stock Tree



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Rainbow Fruit

Rainbow Tree Is a very rare tree in the Human World that fully grows it's leaves every five years, and due to it being on the top of the Aqua Mountain, it's capture level is shown to be 69: 1 for the actual capture of it, and 68 due to it being difficult to reach the very top without proper training involved by any Bishokuya.


It shows to be a unique form as the bark of the tree is seen to be pure-black with the top of it showing to be clear leaves that are see-through, almost as if they're made of water themselves. When the intense sunshine reflects through the water, it causes a change to emit a rainbow transformation, changing them all into rainbow leaves of different colors depending on how the sunlight is angled and for how long. 

As FoodEdit

It has been seen that the edible part of the tree is it's leaves, which can be eaten raw as it gives off a fruity flavor depending on which of the colors it is plucked, and it is seen that it can be added to soups to give them more refreshing flavors.

Special Preparation IngredientEdit

To add the leaves flavor to a soup, the chef must begin immediately add the leaves to the broth, cooking it at an even 98.6 degrees to keep the leaves from releasing the flavor at once, overpowering the broth. During each minute of a full hour, the person must gently rise up the temperature to another degree, causing the loosing of bonds between the leaves and releasing the full flavor of them. Once the cooking of a full hour is finished, the chef must gently scoop out the leaves without disturbing them, otherwise the leaves will break apart, spilling back into the soup, and making it inedible.


Once a person is shown to have eaten this fruit, they're body become clensed, free from all manner of impurities that might be in their system, often at times causing it to appear as if it is a river of sweat flowing down their faces. For many Bishokuya, like Deker, it shows to be a compatible ingredient that often awakens Gourmet Cells, increasing their power even more when they eat it, similar to the effects of the Century Soup.

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