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Name Raizame
Kanji 電撃鮫 (ライザメ)
Romanji Raizame
Aliases Shark King (鮫王 Kō-Ō)
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Seven Beasts
Occupation Ruler of Area 6
Personal Status

Raizame (電撃鮫 (ライザメ), Raizame), aka Shark King (鮫王 Kō-Ō), is one of the Seven Beasts and a ruler of Area 6, under Moon. Raizame boasts a Capture Level well over 4000.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Raizame literally translates as "Lightning Attack Shark"
  • Raizame is the work of a fan from Shikawa Prefecture.
  • Regarding its colossal size, Raizame might be based on the Megalodon, a prehistoric extinct species of shark that once served as the apex predator of the sea in ancient times.
  • Is one of the beasts that has something that can produce Golden Cookware.

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