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Ri Liger Jellyfish



Ri Raigā Kurage


Ri Liger Jellyfish


Cnidarian Beast

Capture Level



App. 50,000m






Area 5/6

Ri Liger Jellyfish (里ライガークラゲ Ri Raigā Kurage) is a titanic jellyfish species from Gourmet World, that lives in ocean between Area 5 and Area 6.


Ri Liger Jellyfish is a golden jellyfish with very long thick tentacles, that grow for hundreds of years and can be as long as 50 kilometers. The beast also has somewhat denser body than other jellyfishes.


Ri Liger Jellyfish spends the most of its life slowly moving through the ocean, devouring fish, crustaceans and many other marine species that come closer to it. Should it sense presence of powerful beast, it will release its electricity as a shield.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Gourmet World creature, Ri Liger Jellyfish is a powerful species.
It possesses great regenerative abilities and its bouncy flesh protects it from powerful attacks. Only one of its tentacles was capable of destroying great underwater areas and creating tsunamis. Its cells are capable of generating electricity in great amount and in combination with its appetite energy, Ri Liger Jellyfish can create concentrated electric shield around itself, which is strong enough to fry marine beast with capture level as high as 1700.

As FoodEdit

The jelly of Ri Liger Jellyfish is very delicious, especially its oldest tentacles and the core of its bell. However, as its every cell generates powerful electric current, it needs to be specially prepared while it is alive in order to be eaten.

In order to be prepared, a person with powerful gourmet cells needs to release their appetite energy with great determination to acquire the ingredient. When the aura of the appetite energy gets close enough to the jellyfish, the electric shield will begin to concentrate around the place of intimidation. There, the person needs to stab a very sharp knife in the shield and then release their appetite energy to the fullest, while the center of it (usually their manifested appetite) pushes on the knife. This will cause the electric shield to blast as a powerful lightning back on the jellyfish, removing its ability to produce electricity and killing it.

Its jelly and tentacles can be then used to make many delicious foods, such as Devil Lion Ball, or Challenger of The Seven Seas. It can be eaten raw, or dried. It has been noted to leave tingling, metallic taste on tongue.