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Robert Bombermann

ロバート ボンバーマン


Robaato Bonbaaman


Grand Muscle King




October 16


Male Male







Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation


Previous Occupation

Professional Wrestler

Previous Partner

Niku Arata

Personal Status

Semi-Active (Claims He's Retired)

Marital Status

Married (to Robyn Whitman)


Wray Bombermann (Father)
Two Unnamed Sisters
Jared Bombermann (Son)


Muscle Manipulation

Signature Skill

Professional Wrestling


Foreign Objects

Robert Bombermann is a on again-off again Bishokuya well known around the Human World. He has (had) a similar goal to his son to taste as many flavors as he can before he dies. His main ability is Muscle Manipulation, a unique ability which changes the build, strength, dexterity and overall power of one's muscular structure. He later passed this technique to his son. He is also a legendary professional wrestler, and has been a trend-setter in using this fighting style to hunt and fight prey. Because his reputation of a combination of Bishokuya skills, pro wrestling prowess and his signature ability to manipulate his muscles, he has been titled the "Grand Muscle King."

Appearance Edit


A younger Robert in the ring.

Robert is an intensely muscular man from all his training in gourmet hunting and professional wrestling. He wears a flesh coloured mask with a large crest, and has black eyes. He used to often wore a blue spandex shirt with his brand logo, enlarges on the back and a smaller one centered on the left breast. He also used to wear a pair of scarlet coloured tights paired with scarlet wristbands and black boots complete with gold trimmings. Nowadays, he wears a burgundy tank top, black denim pants and sandals.

Personality Edit

Robert has a similar personality to his son. Normally lax, but can have a cruel and wrathful side to him. He has been known to scare his wife, friends, his own son, and even his fans. Jared himself has often said that his fighting is soft compared to his father. He said his father can take things a bit too far when fighting opponents, sometimes beating them to death, and then continues to tenderize their corpses for the fun of it. But again, one his good side, Robert could easily be considered one of the nicest men to ever live. Kind, generous, courageous, and a genuine humanitarian.

History Edit

Full Course Menu Edit

Robert Bombermann's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Ebony Specter Heart Mini-Skewers 99 Decided
Soup Soup Zeppelin Cthulhu Stomach Immeasurable Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Golden Millennium Viking Fish Immeasurable Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Ultramacrosaurus Rex Tail Roast (Ancestral) 1105 Decided
Main Course MainDish Colossus Sand Whale Carapace Immeasurable Decided
Salad Salad Shaved Thoricorn Mane Immeasurable Decided
Dessert Dessert Planet's Tribute Immeasurable Decided
Drink Drink Ophiante Serpent Venom Wine 475 Decided
  • Hors d'Oeuvre:
  • Soup:
  • Fish:
  • Meat:
  • Main Course:
  • Salad:
  • Dessert:
  • Drink:

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hunting Method Edit

Like his son, Robert Bombermann is very much a generalist. His professional wrestling incorporates plenty of strong strikes and deadly grapple techniques. He tends to use high-flying attacks and submission holds less, but will perform them if provoked. Unlike his son, Robert usually begins wearing down his opposition with much heavier strikes and more powerful lifting moves rather than wear-down holds and quick strikes. Combined with his use of Intimidation, Instinct and signature Muscle Manipulation, he becomes a dominating force in the wild of which few can surpass.

Gourmet Cells Edit

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Friends Edit

Rivals Edit

Misc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His appearance is based on Kinnikuman/King Muscle from the Kinnikuman franchise. His signature ability is based on ability used by King Muscle himself.

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