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Ebidramon b







Crustacean Beast

Capture Level



20 ft.


8 ft.


10,000 lbs.


10,000 yen (per pound)




-- Ocean


Tough Exoskeleton
Vice-like Claws



Shrimpzilla (エビジラ, Ebijira) is a Crustacean Beast that lives in the -- Ocean. They are typically prey to Sea Drakes.


Shrimpzilla are large crustaceans with tough red exoskeletons. They have eight limbs, two of which are claws used for grabbing and fighting, and the other six are for locomotion. Shrimpzilla have a powerful tail, also used for moving, that has 7-8 feather-like bits at the end.

The claws of Shrimpzilla are noticeably different, giving them a bit of the feel of a fiddler crab as one claw is much larger than the other. However, regardless of whether one is dealing with the larger or the smaller of the claws, they have a devastating, vice-like grip in both.


As FoodEdit

Shrimpzilla have a very strong, yet delightful, flavor that is a combination of lobster, shrimp, crap and other popular culinary crustaceans. Depending on the cooking method, one flavor will prevail over the others, most commonly, Shrimpzilla have a pronounced lobster flavor.

Special PreparationEdit

Shrimpzilla are to be cooked alive and whole, regardless of how they ultimately wind up on the plate. If a Shrimpzilla is killed in during the capture process they become completely inedible. The most popular way to prepare Shrimpzilla is by heating it up, then, when the cooking process is complete, the tail explodes into already cooked lobster balls. When served this way it is called Popster. It is important to remember to make sure that there is some sort of cover to prevent the lobster balls from going everywhere. This cooking method is typically done in front of the customers as the explosion is quite the spectacle and ramps up the price of the lobster balls.

The Popster balls can then be garnished with the feather-like bits from the tail, which turn into confetti when the Shrimpzilla's tail explodes. The garnish doesn't have any strong or noticeable flavor, but they add a nice crisp crunch to the lobster balls.


  • Appearance is based on Ebidramon from Digimon
  • Name is a combination of Shrimp and Godzilla
  • Cooking Method, and Popster name, courtesy of Flame Lizard

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