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Smoking Quartz



Kitsuen Sekiei


Smoking Quartz




Smoking Ingredients

Smoking Quartz is a mineral used in the smoking of ingredients. The more quartz is used the stronger the smoke becomes and one can add certain ingredients to the minerals to alter the smokes flavor.

Appearance Edit

Smoking Quartz looks like ordinary white quartz accept it appears to have wafting, swirling smoke inside of it. It appears as if smoke is trapped inside each jewel, and when they are heated, the smoke is released. The crystals themselves are fairly large but shrivel down when heated. It is imperative to not use the smaller crystals as they contain more concentrated and more harmful substances.

Abilities Edit

Smoke Generation - Inside each crystal of Smoking Quartz contains the chemical make-up of smoke. It does not, however, contain many of the harmful chemicals that may be produced from smoke such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, halocarbons, cyanide or ammonia. When the crystals are heated, they generate natural smoke from within each and release it while containing any harmful substances. The smoke generated becomes safe to breathe while at the same time being able to cook, flavor and preserve different ingredients.

Uses Edit

Smoking Quartz can be using in a multitude of different ways of cooking and preservation. Simply adding it to a barbecue grill or using as a the fuel for a smoker can help to give ingredients an added smoky flavor, without adding any potential carcinogenic substances. Not only that, but adding less crystals will give a more mild smoke, while the more added will make the smoke stronger. One can even add other ingredients like fruits and tea can alter the taste of the smoke even more. They are also highly beneficial for preserving food, more efficiently in combination with preservation techniques like curing and drying. The smoke creates a layer of antioxidants and antimicrobial to protect the outer layer of any ingredient, while the other technique helps protect the inside of the ingredients. All without any major contamination from deadly carcinogens.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Smoking Quartz is a play on the name Smoky Quartz, a type of opaque Quartz gem with apparent medicinal qualities.

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