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Storm Bay
Japanese Name 嵐ベイ
Romanized Name Ranbei
English Name Storm Bay
Location Ashen Blaze Island
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Storm Bay (嵐ベイ Ranbei) is a gulf located on the north-west of the Ashen Blaze Island, between the Hiveking Volcano Area and the Midnight Volcano Area.


Storm Bay is a body of dark blue water, that is constantly under violent storms, its surface is covered in waves reaching 30 meters in height on average, and an average of 1000 lightnings per hour.
The water of the bay is also extraordinarily deep, with its maximum depth reaching 14,000 meters below the surface.

At times of eruptions or seismic activity, its tsunamies can reach heights of hundreds of meters, but those aim towards the open ocean most of the time.