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"Nasty Little Bastards!!!"
— Almost Every Bishokuya That Has Encountered One

Sugar Cane Toad



Satoutsue no Hikigaeru


Sugar Cane Toad


Amphibian Beast

Capture Level



7 inches


11 inches


4 kg




Originated from the Kaiju Nest


Highly Toxic Poison



Sugar Cane Toads are incredibly pesky Capture Level 39 Amphibian Beasts. They originated from the Kaiju Nest, but have spread outwards from that location to to species introduction.

Appearance Edit

Sugar Cane Toads are small with red, bumpy, slimy skin with a bright pink underbelly. They have six black horns coming off of their heads and small yellow cheeks. They have menacing black reptilian eyes with yellow irises. They usually have a clear, thick ooze coming out from the sides of their mouth.

Behaviour Edit

Sugar Cane Toads are highly ravenous little beasts that fester in any place they decide to call home. They will eat any small thing that moves or is in reach of their tongues. They each give off a scent that other toads can detect and swarm to. Once more toads move in to a location, the stronger the scent gets, causing more toads to swarm in. They can also be very sly, considering the fact they know the potency of their poison.

Habitat Edit

Sugar Cane Toads usually inhabit places where there is plenty of food, plenty of space, and plenty of water.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Food Edit

The meat of the toads is not very appetizing and can sometimes be very dangerous to eat considering the toxic poison can seep into the meat once deceased. The poisonous ooze given off of them, however can be strained and strained into two highly useful products: sweet cane sugar and a lethal toxin.

Special Preparation Ingredient Edit

The poisonous ooze can be extracted from the beast once dead. Be careful handling the ooze since it can easily seep into the skin and cause an instantaneous death. The ooze must be strained over the point of 30 days using a still and an open fire. The boil must be just the right temperature, slightly over the boiling point of water, and over the correct time. If boiled over the time needed, the ooze can crystallize mixing the poisons and sugar together. If under-boiled, the sugar will be too watery in nature. If boiled just right for the time elated, the sugar will separate into the two ingredients. Both ingredients must then be immediately sifted to ensure the two don't combine. The sugar will have a very sweet smell and appear pure white. The toxin is odourless, and appears slightly darker and almost grey.

The sugar can be used in all sorts of dessert recipes in the dish itself or on top as regular sugar or a refined powder sugar. The toxin can be sold as a deadly soluble substance.

Trivia Edit

  • The inspiration for this page came from the writer and others talking about cane toads on the chatroom.
  • The method used to separate the ooze into sugar and poison is based on the method used to make maple syrup.

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