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Sunlight Bloomers



Hizashi Sakusha


Sunlight Bloomers



Capture Level









Cooking Island


Multiplication by sunlight exposure
Extension of super-compressed vines



The Sunlight Bloomers (日差し咲く者, Hizashi Sakusha) are specific trees, or rather, flowers which have the ability to multiply upon exposure to the sun. It resides deep within Cooking Island, having a wide acreage to itself. Its Capture Level is noted to be a considerable 65. While it is approximately 5 to simply acquire the ingredients from the tree, finding its location and being able to cook it causes it to increase exponentially.


The trees themselves appear as somewhat normal trees, with brown bark and standing quite tall, though their height varies. They are noted to be quite packed together in any given area. The flowers also appear as standard pink cherry blossoms. Uniquely, their vines allow them to appear as if they were flying away from the tree, because they aren't rigidly connected to the branches they are on, causing their appearance while it is windy to be quite unique.

As FoodEdit

As food, the bloomers, or rather the flowers, are quite difficult to prepare. When prepared properly, it appears that the flowers can have a soft, sweet flavor with some sourness to give it a certain "tang."

Special Preparation Edit

To prepare the ingredient properly, the chef must first hide themselves away from all sunlight. For even after the flowers have detached from the tree, their unique vines allow them to collect sunlight and rapidly multiply in a process similar to cloning. Following this, the flowers are cooled to approximately 5 degrees within a pot of water. This is done for a continuous hour, with the chef having to stir the said mixture in a designated horizontal eight formation the entirety of the time - requiring considerable stamina. An interruption in the pattern of this formation will leave the said flowers to droop, and therefore loose all the flavor within them. Upon the completion of this process, the continuous rotation unlocks the organic chemicals stored within the flowers and allows its taste to turn the said mixture of flowers and water into a unique cold tea. Furthermore, the flowers dissolve in the tea to complete this process.

Effect Edit

Beyond having an exuberant taste, the drink appears to restore vitality extremely quickly when the recipient of the drink is exposed to the sun. This is because of the flower's chemicals acting upon the cells within the body, allowing them to rejuvenate at an extremely fast rate and facilitating all metabolic processes at a much more efficient rate. In fact, the body appears to passively convert the sun's energy into their own chemical energy for a brief period of time, although the effects run out in about an hour.

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