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Sweetday Archipelago
Japanese Name 甘い日諸島
Romanized Name Amaihi Shotō
English Name Sweetday Archipelago
Aliases Sweet Paradise (スイートパラダイス Suīto paradaisu)
Location Human World
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Sweetday Archipelago (甘い日諸島 Amaihi Shotō) is an archipelago located at the south boundaries between the Central Human World and the rest of the Human World. It is referred to as a Sweet Paradise, for its vast amounts of sweet ingredients and their low Capture Levels.


Sweetday Archipelago consists of 111 islands, with a total area of 835,670 square kilometers. These islands are mostly grassy, covered in forests, lakes or other different biomes, most of which are highly life-supportive.
The largest of those islands has area of over 170,000 square kilometers, and is named Cat Eye Island.