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Thorn Weasel

Thorn Weasal



Capture Level

2 (individually) 5 (In a pack)


3 feet


1.5 feet


40 lbs


2518 yen lbs




Thorn Whip
Terrible Smell



 The Thorn Weasel is a common creature in the Human World that like to travel in packs and overwhelm foes with numbers.


Thorn Weasels are small demonic looking beasts shaped like weasels. They have glowing red eyes, rounded ears, long sleek bodies with a brown upper coats and white bellies and short tails entwined by thorned vines which are connected to the creature.


Thorn Weasels are aggressive and territorial creatures attacking anything who dares venture into their territories. They are not considered to be very strong individually, but can be troublesome in large groups as they like to go for the quantity approach. When resting, they sleep in the branches of trees, hanging from their vine tails which absorb nutrients from the tree.


Thorn Whip: The Thorn Weasels have thorned vines connected and entwined with their tails and they can control them at will as if it was the tail using them like whips. Individually, it's not that powerful, but when they're in packs, the damage to foe builds up and it is difficult to dodge due to the amount. 

Terrible Smell: In order to lower the amount of predators attacking their pack, the Thorn Weasels eventually adapted so that they could excrete a terrible smell that drives away most other creatures, even some that are much more powerful.

As FoodEdit

The meat of the Thorn Weasals is about the same quality of slightly better than average meat. The thorn tail can be plucked off and eaten after cutting off the thorns and taste much like asparagus. The more nutrients that the thorns have gathered from trees, the more nutritious it will be.

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