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Thousand-Legged Harvestman



Senzoku Zatōmushi


Thousand-Legged Harvestman


Chelicerate Beast

Capture Level







Area 5

Thousand-Legged Harvestman (千足ザトウムシ Senzoku Zatōmushi) is a terrifying chelicerate beast inhabiting the Gourmet World's Area 5.


As their name implies, the most characteristic trait of the Thousand-Legged Harvestmen are their numerous legs. They can always grow new ones, but ordinarily, they have at least 100 legs of various sizes and lengths. The longest ones are 50 kilometers long, much in contrast to the beast's body, which is "only" 2 kilometers long.
The harvestmen also have more than 32 eyes, allowing them to see nearly every direction with extreme precision and also see great portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
They also possess terrifying jaws consisting of numerous little claws that can move independently.


They are very sly, using their abilities in order to trick and silently kill their victim, instead of fighting it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Gourmet World beast inhabiting the Area 5, Thousand-Legged Harvestmen are very powerful beasts, by far surpassing any beast in Human World.
Their physical abilities include extreme speed thanks to their numerous legs, which also possess very sharp claws capable of easily cutting and ripping through flesh. Their bites are powerful and they can excrete poison, although not very strong, as it is incapable of killing any beast with Capture Level higher than 200.
Very notable is their ability to regenerate. They can almost instantly regrow lost limbs and even gain more if they need. The highest amount of limbs observed in this species was 2,355.

The most notable, however, is its primary strategy of hunting. It is capable of affecting the nerve system of their victim, causing them to hallucinate of bewitching, deep darkness and lose connection to all of their senses. This method is extremely difficult to detect, in fact, to this day, no Bishokuya has yet discovered the way that they achieve this, as neither gas-proof protection, nor huge amount of antibodies protected them from being affected.

As FoodEdit

Being a rather strong Gourmet World beast, Thousand-Legged Harvestmen are a very delicious food. Their legs, which can be fried, steamed or eaten raw, possess unique rich taste and meaty, yet brittle texture. The shorter the legs are, the more delicious they are.
Meat of its body can also be made into a delicious stew, or grilled.

The ingredient most compatible with Thousand-Legged Harvestmen is Living Demon Garlic.