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"My power isn't something I wanted, it was something I was given from the only people I thought were supposed to protect me. Instead they used me as a human guinea pig, injecting me because their sense of science outweighted their sense of right and wrong. After all that, I'm now part of this organization, otherwise I'd probably be killed or left to rot in the gutter, and I'm fine with it."
— Trevor tells the current IGO president.

"One's path take the roads of good and evil"

Adult Trevor

Trevor's return to Human World

Trevor Stria



Senjō Torebā


Thunderous King (雷の王, Kaminari no ō)


Human(Gourmet Cell Bearer)


Sept 11th


Male Male







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Unusual Features

Lightning shaped-scar

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Electromagnetokinetic Combat
Appetite Energy
Food Honor

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Trevor Stria (線条·トレバー, Senjō Torebā) Is a Bishokuya who is affiliated with the known organization, IGO, whose task is to keep and maintain balance within the new era of the Gourmet Age against anyone that might try to exploit it. Trevor is considered to be a member of the IGO, acting as a Bishokuya under the orders of his handlers, who often give him specific tasks that also double as his training to increase the power of his cells and make him even stronger in order to be able to enter the Gourmet World. His parents were originally members of the IGO, but due to their illegal use of Gourmet Cells to evolve their own child, resulting in their arrest. Over time, his reputation had shown to greatly spread throughout most of the Human World, which has earned him the title and name of Thunderous King (雷の王, Kaminari no ō), for his immense mastery of his own style of fighting that involves the control of electricity of many forms. It's been shown that he and another member of the IGO, Deker, are seen to be life-long rival's since they first met, despite the many times Trevor doesn't openly acknowledge it himself. It is currently shown that Trevor, despite his young age, has both training and strength to enter the Gourmet World by himself, which is what he aspires for in order to obtain one of the items on Acacia's Full Course, ATOM.


Trevor Gourmet World Outfit

Gourmet World Outfit

In his younger days, Trevor showed to often wear simple clothing that made him seem like any ordinary person aside from the color schemes, often wearing civilian clothing, even while his was training from time to time. His outfit at the age of 16 consisted of a long-sleeved black shirt, wearing a brownish-colored shirt on top of it, and often showed to have jeans with his outfit as well. He showed to always wear a special pair of earphones made to be sound-proof by the IGO, often wanting to listen to music while he trained and hunted by himself. On one of his travel's, he ended up in a tangle with an electric beast that he had to observe and capture, but the result was a deep lightning bolt scar on his, keeping it as a reminder to not let down his guard in nature. It's shown that Trevor has a special tattoo located on the left side of his body, showing to be an almost tribal-looking circle that goes from his left shoulder to his chest.

After getting older and developing his abilities, Trevor showed to be gaining more and more muscle mass with how much his cells grew over time, giving him a more defined shape with the years he spent training. The change has not only shown on his body, but with his clothing as well due to the special property of his abilities, having him need to switch to more different clothes that suits his needs. Due to his unique physiology, Trevor's outfit consists of a large, brownish coat with light brown, spiky fur trimming around the neck and the sleeves’ edges with a special muscle shirt underneath that showed to be a variation of a soft fur. Along with his outfit, Trevor shows to also have special insulated shoes that allow him to ground himself when he absorbs lightning, allowing him not to absorb too much electricity at once or be shocked by the increasing voltage, and special pants that also allow the current of electricity to flow into his body without losing any electricity. When he was finally able to enter the gourmet world, he changed his attire to a more loose opened-jacket with no shirt underneath, exposing his toned muscles and tattoo on the left side of his chest. Additionally, Trevor gained two special gauntlets that allow him to conduct electricity and absorb it more through his cells, each one covering his entire arms in armor that's strong enough to endure even beasts with Capture level's up to 400. 

After spending some time in the Gourmet World, Trevor found himself missing his home and returns from time to time, now sporting a new hair-style and outfit that he gained during his travel's. His hairstyle is now more punk-rock as he shaved his sides and only kept a loose mowhawk leading down to the end of his head. His new outfit is similar to his old one, only now he shows to have a long vest with animal print on the low part.


When he was a young boy, Trevor showed to have been a kind, caring person who often showed kindness to many of
Trevor's shy nature

Trevor's shy nature

the ingredients and beasts that he encountered when he went with his parents to the IGO. Despite not wanting to be a chef, Trevor showed to have a deep connection with the beasts, naturally taming those that saw him as kind. However, when his parents began experimenting on him with the Gourmet Cells, it caused the kind young boy to slowly become more and more hardened, feeling the betrayal and hiding himself away from anyone that would want to be near him or talk with him.

In his teen years, Trevor grew to become a more rebellious individual, often masking it as arrogance and overconfidence as he often wanted to show everyone that he was the best there was. Due to his experiences as a child, Trevor developed a more loner personality, often only ever talking to his handlers to get his next job request and train. His overconfidence showed to haven go further when he often challenged anyone that he met, any beast he encountered as well, wanting to prove himself through any means necessary. One such encounter resulted in his defeat and a deep lightning-shaped scar that was eched down to even his own Gourmet Cells, making it impossible for it to be fully healed by any means. However, the fight showed to have a huge impact on him as it allowed him to release all his frustration and pent-up anger, even going as far as giving him wisdom that allowed him to grow as an individual.

After years of spending time gaining knowledge and becoming stronger in the wilderness, Trevor showed to have fully grown as an adult, showing a very calm and almost majestic personality. He's shown to have gained more respect to nature and all it's bounty, only killing what he hunts and nothing else, even something small would not be harmed in his eyes. Despite his more matured state, Trevor shows to still have some degree of anger, but is able to keep it under strict control and focus himself without losing it. In addition, he's shown to have opened up more to other people, even going as far as taking some girls out on dates when he does not go hunting, showing that he's shown to be more open-minded, though his personality often makes him hide his feelings whenever someone calls him out on it. Trevor shows to have a very strict code, which if broken, gives way to his anger fully coming up and him fighting his opponents with such power and ferocity that some beasts even run scared from him.



Full Course MenuEdit

Trevor Stria's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Udon Deer 23 Decided
Soup Soup
Fish Dish Fish Dish
Meat Dish MeatDish Keeper of Paradise 84 Decided.
Main Course MainDish
Salad Salad
Dessert Dessert
Drink Drink ATOM Unmeasurable Decided
  • Hors d'Oeuvre: Trevor's way of enjoying this meal is having the chef prepare the meat with a mix of vegetables and having them put together in a skewer to savor each taste. He chose the Udon Deer during his early years as a Bishokuya under the IGO and it's one of the few ingredients that is compatible with his cells.
  • Soup:
  • Fish:
  • Meat: Trevor chose his meat dish as a symbol of the last hurdle he endured after finishing his training, wanting to keep the memory of the meal for his entire life. He prefers to have the meat served as a stew with rice to feel more full and enjoy the juices of the meat.
  • Main Dish:
  • Salad:
  • Dessert:
  • Drink:


  • Sound-Proof Gigith-Phones: are a pair of specially crafted headphones that Trevor had the researchers of the IGO create after bringing in a beast with a unique physiology. The beast of the Gigith Gator is shown to have an incredible reverberating form of scales that allow itself to amplify sound that travels around it, making its entire body one giant speaker. After capturing one, Trevor had an experiment he wanted tried after eating the meat, creating a special pair of headphones using the skin of the Gigith Gator as speakers and adding them with the softest fur found. While on his travel's, Trevor may often play music on these to distract himself or occupy himself before reaching his destination.


Hunting MethodEdit

Electrokinetic Combat: Since gaining his Gourmet Cells, Trevor's abilities soon manifested themselves after an
Trevor's absorbing electricity.

Trevor's Absorption

encounter with an electric creature. His cells became to act like generators, allowing him to draw in and store electricity within himself. When he joined the IGO, Trevor turned this into his main way of hunting ingredients, creating new electric style attacks that would allow him to take down creatures. The more he trained and absorbed, the stronger he became. Some of the techniques include channeling electricity though his limbs or shooting it out through any other part of his body. After years of practice, Trevor's power of electricity has become legendary, gaining him the title of Thunderous King. At his current level, Trevor can absorb enough electricity to power two nuclear reactors, which is around 1004 megawatts of power.

Offensive CapabilitiesEdit

  • Taser Punch (テイザー社パンチ, Teizā-sha Panchi) - is the first technique he created and mastered when he began his training. By focusing the cells
    Taser Punch

    Taser Punch

    in his arms with the electrical discharges from the brain to allow movement, the change turned his arm into a powerful stun-gun. Depending on how much volts he delivers allows for different variations of impacts. For some weaker beings, he releases an energy output of 1,200 volts at 19 pulses per second. Around the same amount a normal police officer taser has. For stronger beasts, he can release a greater amount of voltage that can do more than incapacitate them if the need arises. Though he needs physical contact to connect the taser if the voltage is lower than normal, when he amps it up, it allows him to even send it out towards his opponent. The highest voltage his technique can produce is about 100 million volts, the same found in a single bolt of lightning.
  • Thunder Shout (サンダーシャウト, Sandāshauto) - Channeling the body's natural electricity and charging it through the throat, Trevor is able to
    Electric Shout

    Thunder Shout

    focus and release that power in the form of a blast that comes directly from his mouth. When it's released, the force behind it is almost like a speeding bullet, moving faster than the eye can travel. Upon impact, it generates a powerful electrical shock that can often be fatal if he uses a higher voltage of power. He has been shown to be able to keep that attack going so long as he has a large amount of air inside his lung cavities. After his final days of training passed, the output of his shout can deliver nearly the same force and power as a bolt of lightning. 
  • Surge Boost (サージ・ブースト, Sāji būsuto) - Is a supportive ability with offensive capabilities that Trevor created after getting inspiration
    Surge Boost

    Surge Boost triggered

    from a chargeable generator. By focusing the energy he managed to stored into his cells throughout all the electrical pathways of his body, reaching to every single part of his body. When this occurs, the body's movements and strength are enhanced to near incredible levels depending on how much power Trevor pours in. While in this form, a scale-like pattern emerges on his fore-arms, allowing him to manifest the energy outward into his punches, giving him much more deadly strikes. Additionally, his speed and natural abilities are doubled to what they were before, allowing him to keep up with even the strongest beats. The duration of this technique depends on how long and how much watts of electricity he absorbs into his cells. Due to his body being able to keep the same energy as a nuclear reactor, he is able to keep it going for almost a week without tiring himself. Though the drawback to this is that if he stops generating and reengages, it takes much more energy and leaves his body straining from the fatigue.
  • Cumulus Blade (積雲ブレイド, Sekiun Bureido) - Is one of Trevor's most powerful techniques that he has created after experiencing what it
    Cumulus Blade

    Cumulus Blade

    was like to be inside a storm cloud. Focusing the discharge of positive and negative electrons through the electrical pathway of his arm and expanding it outward, the lightning charges his arm almost like a generator with it colliding with one another. Condensing it through his whole arm, the blade sharpens and becomes one single blade, which is able to cut through even solid steel with the intense heat that it produces, which is around 30,000 kelvins, hotter than the surface of the sun. When he hits his opponent with the attack, the discharge of the electricity naturally overloads and erupts a powerful surge that hits the opponent multiple times in mere minutes. He was able to create this technique after learning Food Honor, allowing him to use it only once due to the intense heat and incredible damage that it does to his own electrical pathway in order for him to use it. When he finally entered the Gourmet World and grew in strength, he surpassed this limit and is now able to use this technique three times, though too many uses of it causes the same damage to his pathways, only now it also affects the movement within his own arm.

Defensive CapabilitiesEdit

  • Lightning Replica (ライトニングレプリカ, Raitoningurepurika): is a defensive technique Trevor developed in order to better have a chance of making it through most of the fights he enters. While moving at a fast speed, Trevor's
    Lightning Replica

    Lightning Replica

    natural electric aura that's amplified thanks to his gourmet cells. The more he moves around, the more electrons in the area begin to draw towards him, allowing him to gradually coat his body with them. After enough is on him, when he's about to be hit by an incoming attack, Trevor's body generates a duplicate shield to take the hit, making it almost look like his entire body becomes pure electricity. Right upon impact, he dashes away at lightning speed to attempt to deliver another attack. After mastering Food Honor, Trevor has been able to absorb the electrons in an area at a much faster rate, allowing the build up of energy to come and allows him to make up to nearly five replicas at one time without losing too much calories. One of the drawbacks to this technique though is that it takes a bit of time for a large amount of electrons to absorb, meaning Trevor's electrical wavelength must be an opposite to the electrons in the area. This means that if he attempts to absorb from an area with a polar opposite to his own wavelength, the electrons won't properly draw in. Another one is that he's only able to make up to a certain amount of replica's due to how much energy each one needs to have, and the current limit is up to five replicas a day.
  • Storm Curtain (嵐のカーテン, Arashi no Kāten) is another defensive technique which unlike Lightning Replica, this one is able to create a powerful barrier of electricity that can protect against any form of attack that might hit him. By focusing the electrical current through his body and expanding beyond, Trevor creates a powerful barrier of electricity that can shock anything that attempts to pass through or within the range of his barrier. To do this, he focuses his electricity and creates his own electrical field, which becomes stronger the more power he pours in, and augments the current of power within the field. This creates a fluxing flow of power that releases and hits anything within the range. Before his completed training, Trevor was only ever able to make the field around his own body, limiting it to only protecting him. After mastering Food Honor and training to enter the Gourmet World, he's able to expand a solid field that reaches up to around 40 feet wide, the length of a professional football field. Despite it's impressive feat, there are risks to this technique. One being that in order for it to keep being stable, Trevor must keep the flow of energy going for a long period of time without losing focus, otherwise it begins to destabilize and falls apart.


Intimidation (威嚇, Ikaku) is a unique ability beings have that allows them to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, resulting in either fleeing or being scared unconscious. Originally, Trevor's intimidation focused on his use of lightning to charge up his body, giving the distinction of him the embodiment of lightning itself. While in Surge Boost, his eyes would glow bright yellow along with an aura that could strike fear into anyone that tried to do harm to him. Over time, he soon began to develop the ability to use an Appetite Devils that chose him as it's new host, slowly gaining the ability to throw out an image of his devil to deliver fear into anyone's eyes.

Appetite DevilEdit

It's been shown that Trevor, after years of training under the IGO, gained his own variation of an Appetite Devil that
Devil for character

Trevor's devil

slowly grew over time after first obtaining his gourmet cells. The appearance of his devil shows to be similar to that of the religious icon, Satan, only instead having more characteristics of a demon than a fallen angel. The skin is jagged and gives a distinction of being burned with both it's arms being long and skinny with razor sharp claws that could cut their way through anything. The horns on it's head show to be curled, moving the end behind it's head and long pointy ears.

It's personality shows to be a more solitary devil, often wanting to be left alone and in peace while it eats delicious food that Trevor provides it. The Relationship between them is more of mutual respect to one another, leaving each other alone until it's necessary or if there is something of need from either side.



Like many Bishokuya before him, Trevor's training with the IGO included the necessity for learning to adapt to certain hostile environments quickly. Some of the training included learning how to store much more liquid inside his body to avoid dehydration, learning how to take in more oxygen in his lungs to avoid lack of air in high altitudes and underwater. Learning how to deal with the increase of gravity in certain places, and enduring poisonous environments that would prove too much for a normal human. Thanks to all of his training, Trevor can survive in near-death places, especially in the Gourmet World.

Physical ProwessEdit

Incredible Strength - During his initial training days with the IGO, Trevor's natural strength only allowed him to deal with the likes of beasts that with a capture level of 20. After gaining new skills and evolving his gourmet cells to their current level, Trevor's strength is said to be near super-human. At one point, his training required that he'd capture and bottle some of the incredible wine from the back of the Emerald-Dragon. Despite it's incredible size and large girth, Trevor was able to easily stop it's large foot attack, blocking it with only one arm, even going as far as sending it flying a few feet away from him. After mastering his training and finally gaining enough power to enter the Gourmet World, the full force of his strength was demonstrated. Currently, his strength is shown as he is able to lift nearly five times the weight of what a full adult Regal Mammoth weights. With one attack, he is able to break right through tempered solid steel like it was butter. After gaining Enbu, the incredible strength he gained has doubled, allowing him to punch a crater that's nearly 25 meters long, actually making it into a swimming pool.

Immense Speed - Often at times, Trevor's physical speed is shown to be higher than even the most skilled Bishokuya, which is mostly due to the increase of electrical discharges through his body. Due to this, his brain
Trevor's Speed

Trevor's Lightning Fast Speed.

communicates with the rest of his body at a much faster pace than most average humans. When he runs without using his electricity or anything else to aid him, the top speed he goes is up to nearly 250 miles per hour, making him one of the fastest humans alive. His speed is able to match up to even the best performance vehicles, often able to outpace them and even get ahead of them before they can reach up to their full speed. When he uses his electricity in a fight against someone, his speed is almost impossible to measure due to him almost disappearing in a blink of an eye. When he fights, his speed triples and often gives him the advantage of hitting his targets before any of them have the chance to actually counter back. Even if one is able to predict where he would come next, his hits come in mere seconds, making it nearly impossible for anyone to regain their composure and gain the upper hand whenever in a fight against him. Trevor has also been shown to have the speed to hit something without them ever feeling it, often allowing him to quietly move without making a single sound.

Incredible Durability - During his stay with the Gourmet Mafia, Trevor often underwent brutal initiation periods and training exercises that the mafia made him to in order to better himself. Over time, he grew stronger in terms of durability, allowing him to take in powerful hits and still keep on going. After leaving the mafia and journeying on his own, Trevor's endurance grew along with him, allowing him to go further and take even the most deadliest attacks without worrying about getting hurt too bad. This durability also allows him to withstand various poisons, giving him the chance to create antibodies and survive them without too much of the side-effects. After mastering Food Honor and finishing his training to enter the Gourmet World, Trevor's endurance has reached near superhuman limits, which is indicated at times when he goes up against the various beasts that live in the Gourmet World. At one point, he withstood the attack of a Asura Tiger, and still stood standing without getting sent flying or having any more heavy damage done to him.

Lightning-Reflexes - When he first gained his cells and began to develop his lightning abilities, Trevor focused to train and improve his natural abilities to better help him control his lightning abilities. During his times traveling, he learned to focus and allow his instincts to take over more, enabling him to gain better reflexes that would help him avoid a serious attack that only left a scar on his eye. The more he continued to fight with his instinct to dodge, the more his reflexes grew to a point he could dodge an attack without even consciously feeling it. After mastering Food Honor, Trevor was able to dodge attacks that came at nearly the speed of sound like a bullet that fires at him. When he entered the Gourmet World, his reflexes developed much more to a point he could react without even being awake. A few times he passed out, creatures attempted to devour him, but were thwarted by his instinctive reflexes that caused his body to react and defeat them without knowing it. He shows to exhibit control over his reflexes and often keeps them from hurting those that surprise him. Currently, Trevor's entire body is now able to exhibit his reflexes and react much more than he did before. At one point, he was able to evade an appetite blast at close range despite having been put in a grip to avoid him running away.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant - During his travel's to master his lightning ability, Trevor began to develop his
Trevor's Fighting Style

Trevor's fighting Style

own fighting style that allowed him to use the lightning as more than just an extension of himself. He grew to learn how to generate electricity at any given time and release it upon impact when he attacks. In some cases, the charge of electrons allows him to summon up electricity that gradually merges with his attacks. He slowly grew to be able to keep up with even the strongest fighters that often attempted to challenge him to show that his reputation was nothing but a sham. Over the course of his training, he's shown to have defeated anyone without having to use his abilities, easily taking down an entire gang with just his bare hands. After finishing his Food Honor training and evolving his cells, he was shown to have the capacity to keep up with anyone that tried to fight him, even some of the more famous bishokuya like Deker, who is known for being a Gourmet Overlord. While training in the Gourmet World, Trevor's affinity for hand-to-hand combat grew exponentially to a point where he is able to use his lightning without needing to use so much calories to trigger it.

Food HonorEdit

Food Honor (食品名誉, Shokuhin Meiyo) Is said to be a unique practice that some in the current Gourmet Age practice to better appreciate the ingredients of the world, often calling it Food Etiquette, and it allows the person to eat certain and yet difficult foods in a very strict and proper form. The purpose of Food Honor is to teach many of the students how to have a better appreciation for the bounty of life and all it's rewards that it offers. The concept is to give gratitude to all things, showing deep respect to it in the highest form while leaving behind any form of worldly thoughts with it. It's been shown that the stronger the concentration of appreciation is show, along with the proper forms added to it, the more focused and intense one's own concentration becomes, unlocking the hidden power that dwells deep inside themselves without wasted movements added to it. This teaching can actually show to improve fighting styles for fighters, allowing them to tap more into their own power without the wasted movements that regularly come up.

For Trevor, he had to learn this from the Shokurin Temple, under the teachings of the Assistant Master at the time due to the Grand-Master's disappearance. Despite only learning up to the level of his mentor, he later encountered the protector of the Lost Forest, Tobias Dayton. Under his guidance, Trevor was able to fully master the teaching and learn it's most hidden secret, Food Immersion.


Food Immersion (食没, Shokubotsu) Is the secret hidden technique of Food Honor, showing it to be the full force of appreciation in it. It is seen that during times of near-death experiences, the person recognizes the true appreciation for life, resulting in them reaching the highest level of appreciation that have for all ingredients, resulting in the ingredients accepting them completely. Thanks to this new found appreciation, the ingredient shows to actually release the full amount of nutrients in it's body while being consumed by the person, resulting in them gaining more recovery time and strength thanks to the ingredients full nutritional value. Trevor learned this after his teaching of Food Honor took him to the limit where he was forced to endure three days of no food or electricity. After the fourth, he finally realized the true value of the food he ate, gaining the secret of the hidden technique.

When Trevor fully mastered this power, the strength of his attacks and absorption rate for electricity nearly doubled, allowing him greater levels of power he never imagined. He's been able to absorb much more power than ever thought possible, making him have nearly enough energy than three nuclear facilities. Additionally, his natural abilities and attacks have grown stronger.

  • Thor's Piercing Halberd - Is a secret technique that Trevor developed after mastering Food Honor and
    Thor's Trident

    Thor's Piercing Halberd

    learning Food Immersion, and found it's origin based on massive thunderstorms he traveled through. By channeling much of the electricity he stored inside his body through his hands, the electricity begins to take shape and form, becoming a long halberd in the process. Wielding it like it was an actual physical weapon, he is able to deliver powerful strikes of high voltage that can even leave third-degree burns upon impact. Though the true power behind the technique doesn't lie within the strikes, it likes in when he throws it towards his opponent after managing to land multiple blows. The hits from the halberd stick to his opponents clothes, hair, or anything that can conduct static electricity. Once the final strike connects, all of the build up releases in one powerful shock that makes it look like the person is in the middle of the thunder clouds. The voltage amplifies the longer it continues shocking the enemy, leaving them burnt to a crisp after the energy disburses. Before, he was only able to produce up to two separate halberds at once, taking up a lot of calories to use and making it ineffective in long battles. After he finally gained the training and entered the Gourmet World, that limit was expanded from two to five in one sitting. Though the drawback to this technique is that if Trevor hits an opponent too many times or they manage to disburse the energy built up before it could connect, the attack will only do half damage.

Appetite EnergyEdit

Appetite Energy (食欲のエネルギー, Shokuyoku no Enerugī) is a unique form of energy said to lie dormant inside of
Trevor's Appetite Energy

Appetite Energy

Gourmet Cells until one who bares them learns to harness and control it, manifesting it outside of their body in an energy form. It has been shown that only top predators have the potential to unlock and use this form of energy, often most creatures found in the Gourmet World have been able to use this power. Trevor's initial start to this began after his encounter with the creature that gave him the lightning-shaped scar on his eye. The fight drew him to his limits, resulting in his loss of energy and leading to him beginning to starve. At that point, the appetite drew out the energy through his cells, allowing him to produce a powerful attack that allowed him to escape before the fight went too far. Since then, he learned how to summon the energy willingly from the president of the IGO and control it, effectively being one of the few humans that can wield this power. When he summons the energy, it shines in a golden light that can illuminate even the darkest places. Despite his ability to harness this energy, he isn't able to use it fully due to not having fine control over it up until he was in the Gourmet World and was forced into a corner that allowed him to finally master it and create a technique that he has learned to use to this day. 

Secret TechniqueEdit

  • Heaven's Destruction ( 天の破壊, Ten no Hakai) - Is Trevor's most destructive and powerful technique that he's ever developed due to not 
    Heaven's Destruction

    Heaven's Destruction

    only the size of the attack, but also how much damage it can really do. At his most weakest and hungriest, Trevor learned how to fully harness his Appetite Energy and channel it along with his own electricity, drawing in as much electrons around the area as possible into his body before creating his own Appetite Energy within the palm of his hands. Once enough energy has been collected, Trevor launches it high into the air as it turns ordinary clouds into storm ones, focusing the positive and negative electrons as they collide and build it up larger and larger until it covers a large portion of the sky. After a certain amount of time and energy has built up, Trevor focuses a small electrical shot upward from wherever he is before disappearing from the area. With that shot of electricity, the full lightning bolt comes down in the shape of a demonic creature before returning upward, releasing it's form and slamming down as a bolt of lightning, instantly destroying everything within a five-mile radius. The impact is similar to that of a ballistic missile, which can level a skyscraper upon impact, and take everything else along with it. Though despite this being his most powerful ability, he has to be nearing the point of starvation to fully use it as it takes much more Appetite Energy than his other abilities. Additionally, it is an attack he only uses once since it drains him of all the electricity in his body as well as his energy. 



  • Due to Trevor's condition, he must absorb a certain amount of electricity or else he loses cells to the hunger
  • Even though his Gourmet Cells have the capability to heal scars, Trevor's body isn't able to heal the scar on his right eye.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The character picture is based off of Laxus Dreyar from Fairy Tail.
  • Use of Gourmet Cells, Food Honor, and Food Immersion have all been approved by Leengard.
  • Trevor's appetite devil is based off of a illustration from Shokugeki No Soma.

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