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Dajin deer
Udon Deer

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Titan Forest



Udon Deer Is a Mammal Beast that is known to roam around the titan forest greenery, said to have the face of a human, it is known as one of the more peaceful creatures in the forest. Although it's capture level is 23, it's mostly due to the fact that they often scare very easily and can run in quick sprints to avoid the predator that might try to hunt them. 


Like most there, the Udon Deer is shown to have differences in characteristics among the males and females, one of which includes the males having horns while the females do not. It is also seen that each Udon Deer has a unique face to it, similar to that of a human face, but each deer can have a different characteristic that make them different from each other. It is also seen that both males and females have a large amount of what appears to be fur going down from their necks to their belly's , but is actually Udon noodles that is said to be a very delicious delicacy.


Unlike most predator's in Titan Forest, the Udon Deer are known for being one of the most cowardly there, making them often almost impossible to find and track due to them never staying in one place for too long. In most cases, the males are considered to be the leaders, often able to sense vibrations and detect any kind of presence around. In very rare cases, they often only ever appear in times of great sadness, often feeling comfortable around the source and not likely to run away in fear if there is no sense of danger.

As FoodEdit

The Udon Deer are said to have tender and very juicy meat that is said to often be matured the more times one often runs away from danger due to a special chemical that gets released along with the adrenaline that it normally produces. The fur in the front of it is said to contain a large amount of Udon noodles, that is said to be compatible with it's meat, often making quite a delicious ramen or chow mein when cooked together.


  • Here is the statistics of the Udon Deer:

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