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Ursus Island
Japanese Name ウルサス島
Romanized Name Urusasu Shima
English Name Ursus Island
Aliases Bear Island (熊島 Kumashima)
Location Human World
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Ursus Island (ウルサス島 Urusasu Shima) is a rather large island in the north-western corner of Human World. It has area of 82,520 square kilometers. It is home to numerous rare and endemic species and ingredients, with capture levels as high as 70. One of such species is considered to be one of the most dangerous plants in the Human World.


Possible reason for the name of Ursus Island is its shape. It consists of three large claw-shaped pieces of land connected together by mountain range at one end.
The mountain range part contains numerous large forests and a giant cave system stretching across the whole part of the island. Iron Waterfall is found in in such a cave.
The side of the mountain range opposite to the claw-shaped part consists of large, branched coast.

The claw parts mostly consist of fields, lakes and rivers.