So, the results are in, and it's unanimous. You all did fantastic on your dishes but unfortunately one of you has to go. Chef Lee, I admire your willpower through all of the hardships you've been going through this past week and couldn't really focus on this competition, you truly are an Ubermensch on this wiki. But, I cannot say that about the votes you got for your dish. It is for this reason and more that you have been Chopped. And with that our final two contestants are: 

  • DamonDraco
  • Solipsius

Congratulations, you two have made it to the (bitter)sweet end of this competition. But now, it is time for the sweet, sweet finale as we enter the third and final round: the Dessert. Once again, chefs have 5 days to complete their dishes and judging will be over the course of two days. After this round, we shall declare the winner of the first ever Gourmet World Chopping Block. With that said, here are your requirements:

  • The dish must include at least 3 Human World Fanon ingredients.
  • You may use Gourmet World ingredients if you wish, but no Special Preparation ingredients.
  • The dish must have somewhere between 6 to 12 ingredients total. No more, no less.

Remember to be creative, have fun, and let your imaginations run wild. This should be about having fun and being creative. So the more creavite the dish, the more votes you may get.

Chefs, prepare yourselves because your time begins................



DaBomb (Bang Bang) 17:49, May 24, 2017 (UTC)Bombkidbomb

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