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Vanilla Melon





Vanilla Melon



Capture Level



40 cm


60-80 kg

Vanilla Melon (バニラメロン Banirameron) is a very rare fruit that can only grow in a place of both high amount of rains and a lot of sunlight.


Vanilla Melon plant has huge leaves, larger than a family house, as it captures as much of water and sunlight as possible to produce high amounts of sugars. The fruit itself is cream yellow mellon with darker stripes, bearing resemblance to watermelon. It is almost perfect sphere with many slightly darker, rougher spots. Fully grown Vanilla Melon is extremely hard and chewing it would mean loss of teeth for a normal human. From seed, it takes roughly 150 years before the Vanilla Melon fully grows.

However, it can be sucked like a hard candy, in which case eye-sized piece of it can last for many days of uninterrupted sucking, before it is gone. By heating it with nothing but oxygen at temperature of exactly 2,000 Kelvin for exactly on hour, it can be turned into extra smooth powder, a very good sweetener and one of three key ingredients for preparation of Oro Sunshine.


Vanilla Melon has highly concentrated taste of vanilla. It is very sweet, but its consumption does not increase production of bacteria that cause a teeth decay. It greatly collaborates with metabolism and it has 0% chance of inducing any sugar or fat related disease.

The leaves are also edible and contain a high amount of sweet, yellow juice.

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