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War Turtles are a dangerous turtle based creature with their highly concentrated Hydrochloric Acid and Explosion attacks.


This creature takes on the appearance of a extremely large blue turtle with gun shaped barrels on it's arms and back. These gun shaped barrels are actually part of the skeletal system and are connected to other parts of the body through tube like body parts. Inside the body contain 5 large stomachs, one that contains Sodium, another that contains Hydrochloric Acid, 2 of them hold water, and the last one contains the food it eats. The former 4 are all connected to the gun barrels on it's arms and back in a system much like a pharnyx in a human. This is all protected by an extremely hard shell that tanks can't leave even a scratch on. The shell also has pores that can absorb the moisture in the air


War Turtles are by nature, agressive and will attack anything it sees as a foe almost immediately. It prefers living in wet enviroments with many salt crystals in order to keep up it's natural artiliery loaded. Before going out of their own enviroment, they eat and drink as much as they can so they can have a better chance of survival and when they are outside of their favored enviroment, they eat and drink as much as they can whenever they can.


Trisystem Shooting: By channeling the material from one of the different stomachs to the gun like parts of the War Turtles' body, War Turtles can then fire it with a force of 180,000 psi at maximum power.

  • Water Shooting: By channeling water from one of the water stomachs, water can then be fired at the foe.
  • Sodium Shooting: War Turtles have natural filters that seperate the Sodium and the Chloride in the salt that it eats. A War turtle can then fire the sodium as a powder. 
  • HCl Shooting: The remaining Chloride from the filter is put into a different stomach than the sodium and is mixed with hydrogen gas to form 8.0 M Hydrochloric acid which can be fired.

As FoodEdit

If one were to actually get through the shell, the person must then be careful of where the stomachs are, specfically the acid one. If that were to burst open, it would ruin the rest of the meat. The salted meat itself is already top quality, recommended to be pressure cooked. 

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