Wine Mine





Wine Mine


Earth's treasure


Special Preparation Ingredient

Capture Level











Produce massive amount of rocks that contains high quality wine that worth at least $80,000



Related Ingredient


Appearance Edit

Wine mine does not have a entry like usual mines and can't be find through the method of digging. it only reacts to wine that have redoubtable high quality only then the entry will open, forming a tall entrance made by red rocks however it will only allow people with wine to enter.

Abilities Edit

Wine Mine is a strange place that is almost like a living being, it reacts to wine and only allows the person with wine to enter and rejects others, at the inside of the mine contains one set of mining equipment per a person.

As Food Edit

The mine itself is not food , however the rock contains the wine can be easily smashes into pieces to bring the wine out, the rock of the wine are extremely weak and really sensitive, they are weak like a glass cup therefore one must handle them with care. the wine, depend on how deep you dig and the size of the rock, the flavor will change and develop into a deeper flavor. one said : "One full cup of wine from wine mine allows you to see heaven and realize how beautiful this world is."

Preparation Edit

The preparation of wine mine is not difficult but interesting ,first, the capture level changes depend on what quality of the wine you bring, lowest to 66, highest to 99, the higher the level is there will be more limitation down, such as.

  • You cannot destroy the mine
  • You can't do massive mining
  • You cannot use any equipment
  • You have to bring at least 5 people here to mine
  • If you break one of the stones during mining process, you will be kicked out the mine
  • You only have half hour of mining time.

There's massive amount of normal rocks and beast living under ground that is in the Wine mine, therefore increasing the difficulty of Wine mine. It says to be a place to test out teamwork as high level wine mine requires at least 5 people and they have to obey the rule given to them by the mine, making it a challenge to many bishyokuya.

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