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Yuck Fish



Fuketsu na Sakana Shimasu


Yuck Fish


Fish Beast

Capture Level



4'11 ft


2 ft


2 kg


20,000 yen / Yuck Fish Oil (Black Market)




Swamps and Lagoons


Yuck Fish Oil Production



Yuck Fish are despicable Fish Beasts notorious for producing Yuck Fish Oil, a horrible substance with the ability to fool the chemo-receptors in the nose and on the tongue.

Appearance Edit

These beasts have long skinny yellow bodies covered in teal spots. They also have a long indigo frill running down and along their backs and a fan-like tail fin. They have eyebrows shaped like clouds and their fins end in a teal zig-zag. Their eyes have orange bags sagging from them and their long tongue is normally seen hanging out of their frowning mouths. In the middle of their foreheads is a large teal "X".

Behaviour Edit

These fish are usually lounging near where the shore meets the water, basking in the sun with their tongues out. They are carnivorous in nature, and despite them not eating much, they usually wait until small creatures come close enough to their tongues to be eaten. When they return to the water, they mainly swim close to the shore and near the surface of the water.

Habitat Edit

These fish inhabit the swamps and lagoons of the Human World.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Other than their tongues and tails, these beasts don't have very many weapons or natural attributes at their disposal aside from their tongues and tails. These beasts are well known for the substance in their flesh.

As Food Edit

It is not wise to eat Yuck Fish. They taste like normal white fish, but it is only after it's been eaten is the mistake noticed.

Yuck Fish Oil Edit

The flesh and meat of these beasts is heavily coated in this oil. It is odorless, tasteless, mixes in instantaneously with any food, and is one of the more despicable substances known to man. This oil is known to drastically affect the chemo-receptors in the mouth and nose. The oil affects the sensory neurons and sends signals to the brain that shouldn't be sent. For examples, when sweet food is tasted and smelled the brain will misinterpret the signal sent and interpret the flavor as sour. Because it is virtually undetectable to most people, it can be easily added to dishes to give them an altered and foul taste. Hence, Yuck Fish and Yuck Fish Oil are only sold on the Black Market, as most chefs don't want it interfering with their dishes. Even if one has just recently touched a Yuck Fish the effects of the Oil with take effect. It's so potent that the fish themselves are affected by it 24/7 (hence why they eat so little).

Trivia Edit

  • The appearance is based on Fishpicable/Kiraigyo from Yo-Kai Watch, a Yo-Kai that sees only the bad in people and slaps things it hates with its tail.
  • Yuck Fish Oil was inspired from Iocane Powder from The Princess Bride.

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